How to wear jewelry correctly - learned from Giovanna Batalha-Engelbert

Jewelery and bijouterie

In preparation for the change of seasons, we decided to turn to a virtuoso of unusual jewelry compositions. It will be useful for those who are in an endless search for inspiration or simply need visual examples of the most daring combinations.

We look with great pleasure at Giovanna Batalha-Engelbert and watch how the brilliantly creative director of Swarovski combines seemingly incompatible jewelry!

Option 1

For the bravest and most independent of other people's opinions. We take an unlimited number of products of various style and price ranges, and lay them out in a multi-layered composition against the background of a bright scarlet top or cardigan. Giovanna opted for crystals of different shapes and a vintage Chanel necklace in the center. The result is an extremely attractive combination of pearls, chains, logos and crystals that you want to look at for hours.

The elegant play with color inclusions deserves special mention!

Option 2

Those who are indifferent to the aesthetics of the 90s and early XNUMXs will definitely like the following stylistic decision. If you have a massive choker with or without stones, feel free to complement it with a heavy pendant with the most unusual motif (preferably not devoid of symbolic content). Finish it off with a pair of chain bracelets and sleek rings.

We wear all this wealth with laconic outfits made from natural fabrics both on vacation and on the streets of our hometown.

Option 3

Despite the fact that the jewelry combination unites different eras, motifs and materials, a single color scheme creates the most harmonious picture. The original technique is easily adaptable to any task and, in principle, can decorate an image in any style (note that Giovanna is not wearing an evening dress, but practical denim).

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Note to those who are just getting acquainted with multilayer jewelry compositions and are very afraid of making a mistake with the choice of jewelry.

Option 4

If you are still of the opinion that the abundance of large crystals is too much, excessive and only for special occasions, then Giovanna has something to argue with. To carefreely wear massive crystals in everyday life, just choose one collection and translucent color scheme. Thus, even if you put on all the available products in several rows, you are unlikely to go overboard and turn into a Christmas tree.