How to wear and match jewelry

Ring with a large emerald Jewelery and bijouterie

The main fashion trend of our time can be considered a fashion for individuality, thanks to which we can afford to combine clothes and jewelry from different styles. But this was not always the case; back in the early 20th century, there were many rules for wearing jewelry. And if you look into the 19th century and earlier, you can even find laws that regulate the wearing of jewelry, in accordance with the title.

In the good old days, there were harsh laws and regulations, and violators were severely punished. There were even times when in Europe women were sent to the stake for wearing men's clothing! Today we have absolute freedom in clothes, accessories and jewelry.

Now it is enough to have money to afford any decoration. Do you have the opportunity to buy a tiara with diamonds? Buy and wear on holidays and parties, no one will punish you, they can only laugh a little and envy you.

If you want to demonstrate exquisite taste and knowledge of traditions, you can recall the socio-aesthetic rules that guided the aristocrats of the late 19th and early 20th centuries when choosing jewelry, because following these rules is considered a manifestation of good taste today.

How to wear jewelry by age

Young girls under 20 years of age are not recommended for heavy, bulky jewelry, as well as jewelry with diamonds. A suitable decoration for a young girl may be a few strands of small pearls, corals, turquoise in a silver or gold frame. Small medallions on a thin chain, a watch in an elegant gold case, rock crystal, carved jewelry made of elephant and mammoth bones.

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elephant and mammoth bone jewelry

Girls over 20 can afford more expensive jewelry - grenades, amethysts, cameos, enamel jewelry, thin rings with a small diamond or pearl. Other types of jewelry with diamonds are not allowed. Large diamonds, diamond necklaces and bracelets are the adornments of married ladies.

A married woman can wear all kinds of stones - sapphires, topazes, emeralds, diamonds, rubies and any others. But in the meantime, a married lady must give up jewelry that is only suitable for young girls. In general, the older a woman becomes, the more restrained her accessories should become.

A signet ring is inappropriate on a woman's hand, with the exception of a signet that has a family coat of arms seal, in which case it is customary to wear a signet ring on the little finger of the right hand. Although in general, a ring with a seal is a male jewelry.

It is believed that the total number of rings on the hands should not exceed three. They used to wear a wedding and engagement ring, the third according to their preference. Evidence of a complete lack of taste is a huge number of rings, simultaneously worn on the fingers. But this rule has been in place before. Now fashionable to wear several rings at the same time. But not some strict and businesslike event - in this case it is better to observe reasonableness.

How to match jewelry

How to wear jewelry - time and place

During the day, it is customary to wear cameos, elegant gold or silver jewelry with various precious stones, excluding diamonds. Diamonds are evening stones and are suitable for evening dresses, while a diamond necklace or necklace is worn only on special occasions.

If a lady opted for a necklace or necklace, then she must remember that these jewelry require a regular neckline so that the neckline of the dress does not cover part of the jewelry. For solemn occasions, it is most convenient to have a parure - a set of jewelry, selected according to the quality and type of stones, material and stylistic solution.

The composition of the parure includes: earrings, necklace, brooch, bracelet, pendant, rings, as well as a tiara or diadem. In the past, a parade parure included up to 15 items.

If you have a lot of jewelry, be very careful about the choice and amount of jewelry you wear, as nothing can impress you more than a variety of jewelry worn in a myriad. Combinations of precious jewelry should consist of harmonious combinations.

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How to match jewelry

Jewelry and clothing

The main rule is not to wear jewelry and outfit of the same color scheme: rubies and corals will not look with a scarlet dress. Corals go well with plain outfits in black, navy blue, white or gray.

Ruby jewelry looks great with different shades of gray. Amethysts are not worn with blue, light blue or purple fabrics. Turquoise will merge with a dress of shade of a sea wave and green, but it will look spectacular on various shades of brown.

Stones that look great with clothes of any color are opals, diamonds and pearls.

a gold bracelet

Choice of jewelry according to appearance

Every self-respecting lady should know her merits and not turn a blind eye to her shortcomings, choosing jewelry in accordance with those.

With full hands and short fingers, it is better not to wear wide and massive rings. Thin “girlish” rings will look very beautiful on the hand of a young girl.

A massive ring with a large stone is suitable for young married ladies, and it is customary to wear it on the middle finger separately from the wedding and engagement rings.

An elongated pendant on an elegant chain will help to visually lengthen a short neck.

Ladies with a short neck will not fit long massive earrings, but a woman with a long swan neck and an elongated face shape will be very decorated with such earrings.

In conclusion, it should be said that the cost of jewelry alone does not always serve as a guarantee of their dignity and grace. A rare work of art, remarkable for its artistic work and finesse, such as a cameo, or some natural rarity, such as a black pearl, look more exquisite than just a large diamond that any rich person, even the most ignorant, can possess ...

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