4 stylistic tricks to make your look more noticeable

Jewelery and bijouterie

The XNUMXst century is considered the century of individualism, in which each person seeks their own uniqueness in order to stand out from the crowd.

If earlier it was in the order of things to be a part of it, today the trend is to strive for the heights of this world, to which one can only stand out. And the easiest and most enjoyable way to become more noticeable is to dilute the image with accent jewelry.

In this article, we will tell you about four types of accessories that will emphasize individuality in the most beneficial way.

Turban and brooches

One of the trends of the new season is the use of oriental motifs in your wardrobe, and the turban is an accessory that will ideally blend with everyday and business wardrobe, and evening dresses.

The turban is a bright accent of the image, but if you add it with a precious accessory, for example, a brooch, the look will become even more exclusive.

In the season 2021-2022, brooches with geometric, animalistic designs, logos of fashion houses and other natural motifs - plants, fruits, insects, birds and their symbols, for example, precious feathers - remain in trend.

Watches and bracelets

In the age of advanced technologies, people began to forget that watches are an accessory, which, along with jewelry, adorns and emphasizes the image of its owner. Watch gadgets, common in society today, certainly make life easier, but their design is the same type and will not be able to make a person noticeable in the crowd.

Restrained watch classics in noble gold and silver finishes and their combinations are a universal accessory that is an independent attribute of the image. But the trend in the new season will be made by matching bracelets in the styles of "geometricism" and "minimalism". Such a set will perfectly accentuate any wardrobe and will look the most advantageous on the wrist.

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Chandelier earrings and casual style

Chandelier earrings, which have another name - chandeliers, are named so for their similarity to old chandeliers, which stand out for their length, multi-layeredness and abundance of hanging elements.

These decorations are quite massive and, due to their length and decorativeness, have always been a bright and exclusive part of evening looks with red carpets and thousands of paparazzi. But everything has changed.

In the new season, chandelier earrings are attributes of everyday clothing style. Such jewelry will successfully dilute and emphasize the minimalistic motives of the basic style, making life easier for their owners. After all, the union of any casual thing with long accents of earrings is simple and ideal.

Eye color earrings

Eyes are not only a mirror of the soul, but also a distinctive feature of a person's appearance, which must be emphasized in all possible ways. One of them is the choice of precious accessories that match the color of the iris of the eyes, for example, earrings with precious и semiprecious minerals.

“Your eyes are as clear as the sky. You cannot go back, such a force of attraction ”- in the eyes of a person you can drown and dissolve. Blue, brown, gray, green - each shade is unique and attractive, but the attraction is twice as much, thanks to the consonance of the color of the eyes and the bright palette of stones inlaid in jewelry.

Ideal for blue eyes will be stones in light blue and blue colors - topaz, lapis lazuli, sapphires, turquoise.

For green eyes, minerals such as emerald, chrysolite, jade and green agate, for the grays - mother of pearl, white opal, agate, onyx and diamonds.

As for brown eyes, they, having the most common shade of the iris, are perfectly emphasized by a large number of minerals, among which are rauchtopazes, garnets, citrines, blue topaz and amethysts.

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Becoming more noticeable, a person also increases his self-esteem, thanks to which new horizons of desires and possibilities open up for him!