Stone in stone: a popular trend in the collections of the best jewelers

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Call it greed, but when it comes to the world's finest gemstones, most of us would prefer two gems to one. The same opinion is shared by modern jewelers: encrusting one gem with another is a popular technique today that will add shine and a sense of volume to any piece of jewelry.

Over many years of hard work, the Swiss jewelry house Bogh-Art has perfected the insertion technique. The jewelry of this brand is the best example of the “stones in stones” trend. Invented as far back as ancient Egypt, the art of inlaying gemstones requires honed skill and precision, as each stone must be worked perfectly even before being set into another. It can take more than a year to make one such piece of jewelry, but the end result - gems devoid of metal "fetters" - is always worth such a long wait.

While every Bogh-Art creation is a true work of art, the Inlaid Diamond Ring and paraiba tourmaline. Crafted in white gold, the ring is set with a 3-carat teardrop-shaped diamond, shaped by a brilliant green tourmaline. Earrings are no less impressive, in which teardrop-shaped earrings take center stage. tanzanites, whose rich color contrasts with the white mother-of-pearl.

Other jewelers have taken up the idea of ​​"embedding" one stone within another. Thus, Kara Ross offers a defiant Cava bracelet with a rock crystal insert, which seems to hover over a black onyx base, held back only by four ribbons of tiny diamonds. In a ring from the same collection, in an amazing shade, green chrysoprase rests majestically on a bed of rock crystal, surrounded by a halo of white diamonds.

The new Boucheron Trésor de Perse collection promises to be one of the most exciting jewelry discoveries of the month at the Biennale des Antiquaries. Inspired by the jewelery house's longstanding relationship with the Iranian imperial family, the collection sparkles with sapphires that symbolize the blue mosaic dome of the Imam Mosque in Isfahan. In the center of the Trésor de Perse Boucheron ring, a 16-carat uncut sapphire sits on a smooth surface of rock crystal, surrounded by chalcedony and diamonds.

A diamond of amazing color that cannot be described in words has taken its place of honor at the very center of a dazzlingly beautiful ring from Tiffany & Co. The jewelry house itself calls the color of this diamond “dark brown-green-yellow”, and uses a magnificent opal as a setting, around which multi-colored diamonds lined up.

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The problem with the definition of color clearly does not arise with the bright purple amethyst drops falling from the necklace of Jean Schlumberger and speckled with diamonds set in them.

Finally, Parisian jewelry designer Lorenz Baumer, famous for his daring cocktail rings, always set with the most beautiful and unusual gems, created a futuristic masterpiece in 2014. The unique Trevi ring with a 7,54-carat sapphire embedded in rock crystal has become one of the most daring fashion jewelry this year, using the “stone in stone” technique.

Trevi ring by Lorenz Baumer with sapphire and rock crystal