Ceramics is a bright spring trend that all fashion bloggers are crazy about.

Gold, silver, stones, gold, silver, stones ... Tired of? Does the soul ask for something original? Then take a look at the bright and effective ceramic jewelry! Choose new combinations and unexpected color combinations and fit these cheerful pieces of jewelry into your everyday wardrobe, just like all fashion influencers already do!

Obvious advantages

Fragile at first glance, but super strong inside! Ceramic is a material that does not bend, deform or scratch. Such decoration will serve you for more than one season. In addition, ceramic jewelry is much easier to care for than jewelry made from precious metals, just wipe it down with a damp cloth from time to time. Moreover, if you adore jewelry, but cannot wear them due to allergies, ceramics is your salvation, because it is hypoallergenic.

Bohemian chic and cocktail classics

In the photo: SJW earrings

The sleek, shiny ceramic surface looks chic and expensive, making it great for cocktail or evening decorations. Moreover, many modern models are encrusted with precious stones and metals. If you are tired of monotonous gold rings with diamonds, choose ceramic models with one gem or crystal! Cocktail rings in combination with long earrings with ceramic elements will make a splash at any party. A ceramic bead in a pendant will become a democratic alternative to expensive pearls!

Romance 2.0

In the photo: Sokolov earrings

With the onset of spring, romance sharply breathed in the air, and therefore air butterflies and passionate hearts again filled all jewelry collections. With ceramic elements and inserts, such jewelry looks many times more spectacular and original. Remember, ceramics in neutral shades - black, white, dark brown or blue - look more concise and austere, and bright colors will be a great accent in an ironic, youthful look. Touching and flirty jewelry in the form of hearts and butterflies can be worn both during the day and at a party.

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In the photo: Evora ring

There are a lot of stylistic options! High waist jeans + heart earrings + white sneakers = street style. Dress + Heart Earrings + Pumps = Restaurant Date Look. Life hack: putting on a ceramic ring or a heart-shaped earring on a chain, you will get a stylish pendant.

Bright mix and bold combinations

In the photo: Sokolov rings

Put it on all at once! Ceramic jewelry is made for daring experiments and trendy combinations! This year, multi-layering has reached a new level - now the trend is not just a few accessories on one hand, but many multi-colored rings of various shapes and shades.

Another feature of the latest fashion trends is a combination of bright manicure and spectacular ceramic rings. The varnish of rich and juicy shades looks stylish and spring-like in combination with multi-colored rings of different textures and materials.



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