Boucheron Carte Blanche Holographique Collection

Jewelery and bijouterie

The airy beauty of the rainbow and the radiance of a unique palette of shades are embodied in the brand's jewelry, covered with a unique coating of titanium and silver.

To capture the beauty of the ephemeral, to convey its fleeting emotions without words - this is the task that Claire Shuan, the creative director of Boucheron, has once again set herself. Claire was inspired by the work on light and color by artist Olafur Eliasson and architect Luis Barragan, and tried to convey the beauty of a delicate rainbow that appears in the sky for a very short time and then disappears without a trace.

The collection includes nine jewelry lines, each with 25 unique pieces. By spraying silver and titanium at high temperature on ceramics and rock crystal, the jewelers managed to recreate the magic of nature, capturing what is traditionally a fleeting moment.


The main element of the line, consisting of a necklace and a single earring, was the betta fighting fish. Her fins are covered with plique-à-jour enamel. The necklace is assembled from hundreds of opal beads.

A mono-earring can become a pendant on a necklace, and a luxurious opal can become a brooch. Alternatively, the stone can be placed in the recess of the ear in the form of an unusual decoration.


The brilliance of the opal is reflected in hundreds of miniature disks, from which both the necklace and earrings of the set are assembled. The jewelry is complemented by thin streams of diamonds. The shape of the necklace allows it to lay down in a flexible wave on the neck and shoulders, softly shining and shimmering.


A spectacular trio of opal rings from Australia and Ethiopia are designed to visually enlarge the size of the stones with a trompe-l'oeil setting. The jewels are adorned with a web of shining multicolored stones artfully set in white gold.


This chapter is dedicated to nature, a theme that stands out in particular in the collections of the house. Beautiful white ceramic flowers are coated with a mixture of micro-particles of precious metals, pulverized at high temperature. Thanks to the amazing play of shades, the decorations look truly fabulous. The Chromatique line includes a pair of rings and a brooch set with tourmalines, aquamarines and diamonds.


A new approach to the material brings depth and character to the chunky rock crystal bracelet and brooch. Although iridescent coating is easy to apply on a flat surface, it is much more difficult to evenly coat faceted brooch tips with it. Thanks to this, a double effect of the game is created: due to spraying and ideal edges.

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Claire Shuang's airy set of perfectly polished rock crystal, covered with the thinnest layer of silver and titanium holographic sputtering. Soft shine makes quartz look like weightless soap bubbles. Large necklace, bracelet and ring are additionally decorated with diamonds.


How to find a stone whose shades would best match this holographic effect? Boucheron found the answer in the beautiful pear-cut aquamarines that adorn the necklace, earrings and ring. Another interesting technique in jewelry was the combination of iridescent ceramics and diamonds.


Another line that includes a bracelet, earrings and a ring. The wide bracelet is adorned with rows of rectangular rock crystals interspersed with trails of colorless diamonds. In turn, the central element in the ring and earrings are "pears" made of rock crystal, covered with branded metal coating for the most expressive brilliance.


A voluminous necklace made of thin crystal plates, inspired by the beauty of the sunlight that streamed through the windows of the Boucheron workshop. Masters tried to reproduce its lightness and play with shadows. The result is a geometric yet delicate design that is repeated in the bracelet and ring.

The edge of each air plate is encrusted with diamonds. In addition, precious stones are laid out in a path along the edge of the rim of the ring and bracelet. And in the center there are yellow sapphire and tourmalines.