Serpent rings and bracelets with snakes

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Successful jewelry designers find inspiration everywhere, allowing them to create endless new pieces of jewelry. Therefore, jewelers could not pass by the snake theme, because the snake has a long relationship with a person.

Cats and dogs are very cute and funny, but it is the snake that is mentioned at the very beginning of human history. Remember the ancient serpent that seduced the progenitor Eve.

At first glance, a lot has changed since then. Now we have a lot of technology, but in fact, man and his desires have not changed much over the past millennia. Therefore, the snake today easily seduces us, especially if it takes the form of precious jewelry.

snake rings

You may be afraid of snakes and you will never touch them in nature, but most likely you will not be able to resist golden snakes with diamond eyes that will wrap around fingers and hands in the form of rings and bracelets.

In addition to temptation, the snake has long been a symbol of wisdom. Even the Egyptian pharaohs decorated their crowns and diadems with the head of a cobra. Many family coats of arms contain the image of a snake, and the snake is also considered the guardian and protector of the hearth. In general, at different times in different cultures, this cold-blooded creature personified a variety of opposites.

In the 21st century, we attach little importance to the symbolism and mysticism of past eras. Now, when buying rings and bracelets with snakes, the main thing is to pay attention to the quality of work, because these jewelry are very difficult to manufacture, and sometimes they can be a small miracle.

Inspirational snake rings and bracelets with snakes

snake bracelet
snake bracelet
snake bracelet