Toe ring: what are they, what do they mean, what is considered fashionable this year

Beauties always try on something interesting. And once upon a time, modern fashion has already reached the feet. Today it is considered correct to go to a pedicure every month, carefully take care of your heels, toes, moisturize and nourish the skin of your feet and in no case allow dirt to appear under the nails of the lower extremities. It is also considered very fashionable to wear a ring on the toe.

Such decoration is a seasonal affair. Our usual shoes today for almost all seasons are light or warm boots, boots, less often shoes. Modern young girls already wear ordinary sneakers or sneakers under everything that comes to hand. Sandals are remembered only in the summer, and then at a corporate party or a party. Therefore, the rings on the foot for our country are something from the category of curiosities. But many people love such grace, because they want to stand out.

So, today let's figure out what rings are on the phalanges of the toes, how and with what to wear them, and what such accessories can mean in modern society.

What are the rings on the leg

This bright and completely unusual accessory for our places can be of a wide variety of shapes and materials from:

  • silver;
  • gold;
  • with pebbles;
  • without inserts.

You can put on such products on any finger, the main thing is to choose the correct size. But all types of rings on legs are united by one feature - such products are relatively dimensionless. What does this mean?

In order not to bother too much, the jewelers came up with the following move for these accessories. Craftsmen make rings for the lower extremities in the form of open products. Their diameter can be easily adjusted for maximum convenience. This is necessary because the nail phalanx of the toes is always wider than the middle or main one. Therefore, the ring will fly off without a grimace. Naturally, a small ring cannot always be pulled over the big toe, so it is still important to look at the diameter.

Please note that the ring itself should be chosen as a split ring - this will allow you to adjust it in size for a particular finger.

By design toe rings can be:

  • torn;
  • closed (plastic or silicone for protection and treatment);
  • snake rings;
  • magnetic accessories.

The torn ones were dealt with. Closed products usually they are made not of metals, but of soft plastic or rubber. Such accessories are usually worn not only as jewelry, but also for medicinal purposes.

Snake rings also refer to jewelry and represent an open ring made in the form of a snake, a spring, or something remotely resembling a snake.

Rings on toes in winter are usually worn by very extraordinary personalities who want to stand out and emphasize their individuality.

It is worth individually select for yourself not only the shape and type of the ring, but also its metal, which depends on the preferences of the carrier and her lifestyle. For example, if you are too lazy to take off / put on a ring every time you shower or swim, it is better to take a silver item, since it does not oxidize. And women's rings on the leg, photos of which can often be seen on the covers of magazines, are the most common of this metal.

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Why put a magnetic silicone ring on your toe

Many girls in Japan, China and some other countries wear translucent "secret" rings on their big toes. Do you know why?

These special tools are designed to:

  • become slimmer;
  • improve digestion;
  • accelerate metabolism;
  • correct the shape of the legs.

Our ladies will say something like: "Oh, don't laugh." We are used to "sculpting" our body through diets and endless fitness. And it's hard to believe that some ringlets are able to cope with the extra pounds. But in Japan, this opinion is considered to be wrong. Everyone there is sure that magnetic rings work... It's no coincidence that these toe items have become one of the five best-selling items on Shibuya Street. Shibuya in Tokyo is about the same as Fifth Avenue in New York, Tverskaya in Moscow, and so on. That is, only the best and super popular products are offered here.

What is a magnetic ring? This is a translucent medical silicone ring, on the inside of which there is a small round protrusion where the neodymium magnet is located.

We put on the rings in the middle of the big toes so that the protrusion is at the bottom. When walking, the fingers constantly press on the ledges. Massage of biologically active points on the legs sends certain impulses to the brain, which in response makes the weak muscles of the middle of the body work - this is what we need for the lower body to strengthen and become slimmer. In addition, the effect of the rings stimulates an increase in metabolism, which, as you know, is one of the main conditions for losing excess weight. It turns out something like fitness and diet "in one bottle" directly during normal walking. And the effect of the magnet enhances the stimulation of the middle part of the body. Not to mention the healing effect of the magnet itself.

What does it mean to wear rings on your toes

Since ancient times, the rings on their feet have been worn by the representatives of the beautiful half of India. It was believed there that accessories on the legs make the young lady more beautiful, cute, soft and feminine.

The ring on the leg of a woman in India shows that she is already married and belongs to her husband's family.

However, the very history of wearing a ring on the leg has its roots in deep antiquity.

From the 3rd century. AD the tradition of wearing a ring on the leg was firmly entrenched and entered the life of women in India. And after that, the fashion for such jewelry spread throughout the world.

In India accessories for the fingers of the lower extremities made of silver... By the way, I must say that this is done not only for the reason that this alloy has a positive effect on human health and is able to kill various bacteria and infections on the legs. The fact is that gold is associated with the goddess Lakshmi, who personifies material prosperity and well-being in the house in this country, therefore, gold jewelry in India is not worn below the waist, because the legs are dirty and Lakshmi may be offended by such a "disrespectful" attitude towards her metal ...

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The experience of astrologers can tell what exactly such a decoration on a particular finger means, and how the planets of our galaxy relate to these products, each of which has its own special characteristics, endowing the owner of the jewelry with certain properties.

Oddly enough, but decorations on the toes can tell a lot about a person.

If you wear jewelry on thumb, then the owner patronized by the planet Mars... It gives its owner optimism, determination and courage. In astrology, Mars controls energy, courage, the will to win, the ability to turn ideas into actions. This is the planet of passion and attraction. She symbolizes ambition and desire, courage and strength. Love is a significant part of Mars' sphere of influence, since Mars rules the heart chakra.

Do you want to put the product on pointing finger, then you are protected Jupiter... Astrologers call Jupiter Great Happiness. His spheres of influence are health and happiness, power and social status, luck and development. This planet rules knowledge, highest wisdom, outlook and honesty. The influence of Jupiter affects the readiness to actively participate in life, gain new experience, develop, not stand still, move. Jupiter gives us a philosophical approach - in contrast to Mars, which is responsible for the practical mind.

Wear your ring on average toe - win favor Saturn... In astrology, Saturn is considered the planet of diligence, self-discipline and limitation. His traits are patience, complaisance, constancy, maturity, wisdom and realism. The influence of Saturn is strict and tough, cold and harsh. This planet is often called the heavenly educator because he teaches the lessons that a person must learn. Saturn does not demand more from his subordinate than he can do. Under the auspices of this heavenly body, we achieve success, overcoming obstacles and difficulties. Sometimes effort is beneficial on its own because it builds character. What we comprehend under the influence of Saturn remains in us for the rest of our lives.

Do you want to put a ring on nameless finger then you will patronize Sun... This star gives a bright, noticeable (sometimes puppet) appearance, even if the person is short and not graceful in build. Main features: big eyes, curly hair, vanilla skin with a slightly pinkish tint. Usually such people are quite active, temperamental and peaceful. They are often inclined to take their loved ones under their care and provide patronage, while they are excellent managers.

In Europe, in the Middle Ages, it was a fashion to put a ring on the big toe of the left foot. Images of women wearing small rings can be seen in paintings from this period.

And if you prefer to wear the product on little fingerthen wait for help from Mercury... In astrology, this planet is considered a symbol of mental activity, communication, intellectual energy. Mercury rules your consciousness, perception and reason, memory, eloquence and literary syllable. The planet affects vision, hearing, perception and assimilation of information. Daily trips, short journeys, means of transportation - all of this is under the auspices of Mercury. The planet also controls the functioning of the nervous system, hands, feet and fingers.

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How to wear rings on your feet in the modern world

If we talk about how stylists consider it correct wearing such an ornament, then there are two tips. It is optimal if you put the product on the second or third finger and do not wear too much jewelry and be zealous in this direction, since it will be completely uncomfortable for you to walk.

Stylists recommend wearing a toe ring only in the summer, when the feet are open and free of squeezing shoes. Naturally, the presence of gold or silver jewelry, which very strongly attracts the eye to the feet, implies an impeccable pedicure, while the varnish on the nails should be in harmony with the color of the stone-insert, if any. In addition to the fact that such a decoration will emphasize the sophistication of a well-groomed leg, it looks bold, original and stylish.

Long pedicure in our country is completely inappropriate with ornaments on the fingers. Perhaps because in winter we do not have to wear rings on our feet, but warm woolen socks.

Don't forget that the ring should match your summer shoes and accessories. Only in this way will you declare yourself as a person with perfect taste and style. A gold toe ring looks best under summer shoes, but silver is also quite acceptable.

If you are going to the sea, then buy yourself something in this style. Choose an ornament with a striped pattern, a product in the form of two rings connected by a thin chain, an ornament with shells.

What types of toe rings are in fashion today? Here the answer is very simple: everything is possible, the main thing is that the view was modest and not pretentious. Young girls prefer to wear products with all sorts of animals, butterflies, beetles, insects instructed by stones or with a pattern from jewelry enamel.

Middle-aged women pay more attention to openwork rings or snakes, which favorably emphasize elegance and femininity.

If you are thinking of buying yourself a new thing for the summer in the form of a small ring on your finger, then we hope that our advice will help you decide which jewelry is best to choose for your beloved. And do not be afraid to experiment, individuality and a new vision of accessories in our modern world is very much even welcomed. Maybe soon you will become a new famous stylist who will shine with new outstanding ideas, and you will start making big money on your work. Who knows how the day will turn out tomorrow.


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