5 most fashionable prints of the season and how to choose jewelry for them

Jewelery and bijouterie

The upcoming season promises to be hot in every sense of the word. A riot of colors, brightness of prints, saturation and contrast in everything - it seems that fashion designers are tired of restrictions and decided to break away to the fullest! Neon flowers, contrasting leopard, multi-colored stripes and oriental patterns are in fashion. And how to choose jewelry and accessories for all this splendor? Let's show you now!

Dolce & Gabbana

Before we get into specific examples, let's define a few basic rules. First: don't be afraid of prints, even the wildest leopard won't bite you. Leave in the past all these stereotypes that bright patterns are self-sufficient and accessories are not needed for them. On the contrary, with the help of jewelry, you will only emphasize the fashionable thing and make the image complete.

Second, there is nothing wrong with choosing jewelry in the same style as the print of your outfit. Sometimes this is the best solution. For example, if you are wearing a dress with oriental patterns, why not complement it with earrings, like Princess Jasmine?

And third, combine different styles and colors. The main feature of modern fashion is freedom. And we will show you the rest of the techniques.

Floral color block

Left to right: Gucci, Rodarte, Gucci

It is no coincidence that we called this trend the first - flowers, they are everywhere! Bright, contrasting, tropical, and sometimes even lurid. Get inspired by Rodarte, Kenzo, Gucci or Dries Van Noten shows - the crazier, fancier the print, the cooler. Such a drawing is style-forming in itself, therefore it does not require too bright accessories. At the same time, graceful jewelry will simply get lost against the background of a flower bed on your fashionable dress. Therefore, choose something laconic, but massive and noticeable. These can be cuff bracelets, large Congo earrings, or a solid necklace. Wear solo or all together - the girl in flowers can afford it all.

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Letters and inscriptions

Left to right: Louis Vuitton, Chanel, Chloe

Logomania has not left designers for several seasons - inscriptions, brand names, slogans and letters just randomly scattered over the fabric are now at the peak of popularity. This trend is set by the most reputable fashion houses - from Chanel to Prada. Here you can bet on a total look and complement the sweatshirt with inscriptions with similar accessories.

A pendant with the word "Love" or your name, a letter-shaped earring inlaid with crystals will look great. Logomania itself already means some kind of redundancy, so do not be afraid to overdo it: the alphabet of a shirt is not even bad! Another equally successful option is geometric decorations. Simple shapes and clean lines will blend harmoniously with the lettering.

Eastern fairy tales

Left to right: Christian Dior, Alberta Ferretti, Etro

Another fresh trend that will stay with us for a couple of seasons is oriental ornaments and patterns. It's no surprise when oriental brands like Etro are fond of such prints, but now even the collection at the house of Christian Dior is fantasies about the Middle East, bazaars and the unique aesthetics of Arab countries. This style is very close to boho-chic, so you can choose the appropriate jewelry - bright earrings with tassels, textured gold bracelets and massive signet rings. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing colorful jewelry combined with bright prints - this trend will make itself known especially loudly in summer, so be the first!

In the animal world

Left to right: Tom Ford, Naeem Khan

It's hard to imagine a modern girl's wardrobe without at least one leopard print item. This season, designers give us full carte blanche - Fendi, Tom Ford, Naeem Khan and many others suggest not just diluting the outfit with small details in the form of a bag or scarf with an animal print, but making patterns of leopard and tiger skins the main accents of your look. This can be a blouse, dress, coat, or T-shirt.

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Choose accessories that are large, but without unnecessary details. Leopard print, for example, is effectively combined with gold. Look out for antique-style and crumpled metal accessories - a harmonious pairing for your animal print. You can also choose stones to match your clothes - red and brown opals or jewelry glass.

Vertical stripe

From left to right Vivienne Westwood, Dolce & Gabbana, Christian Dior

The most convenient trend is the vertical stripe, which visually stretches the silhouette. Brands of various directions have it - both the status Christian Dior and the hooligan Vivienne Westwood. Therefore, the options for accessories can be different - from several pearl necklaces combined with bright earrings to match your strip and to classic jewelry like thin chains and laconic rings. Try wearing one thing with different accessories and watch how your image and mood change!