Fashion jewelry autumn-winter

Jewelery and bijouterie

Fashionable autumn-winter jewelry will become an important component of stylish and relevant images. We share the main novelties that you should pay attention to in the new season.


Fashionable women's earrings fall-winter obediently obeyed the laws of asymmetry. This technique can be integrated from fashion shows into the usual outfits - you just need to pick up earrings that are different in size, but the same in style, or purchase a ready-made set of asymmetric jewelry.

The mono earring is the next trendy accent in autumn-winter looks, which has been loved by many girls since past seasons.

In the wake of the metallic and glitter trend, many brands have opted for sparkling earrings. Such jewelry looked so impressive that it often became not an addition, but a central element of a fashionable image.

Fashionable earrings for women in autumn-winter were not limited to the usual number of 2 pieces. The designers offered to combine several jewelry at once and pay attention to ear cuffs. Well, that's interesting!


In the design of fashionable women's rings, there is a desire for large dimensions. Accent geometry, flower buds or whimsical abstraction - all this is in line with the trends of the season.

You can start mastering the stylish trend with the help of smooth metal rings of a round but enlarged shape - such novelties are less whimsical in combinations.

Another fashion trick borrowed from Fashion Weeks is the combination of several rings in an image at once. You can even wear a set of jewelry on one finger - trends don't mind!


Modesty when choosing jewelry for autumn-winter is useless - this season, fashionistas decide on large necklaces with an accent design.

In the new season, it's too early to say goodbye to chains, you just have to change the way of styling. Stylists offer to combine several chains at once - different in size and even metal.

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A long chain in the season is a very practical find, because it can be transformed from a necklace into a trendy belt in addition to basic plain items.

Fashion collections and jewelry with feminine pearls do not leave. Long necklaces and layered chokers are in trend.


A fashion favorite for the fall-winter season is metal bracelets, which are surprisingly easy to fit into different looks. At the peak of popularity, wide jewelry is a cool accent for familiar looks.

Do not give up positions and bracelets in the form of chains, which please not only with a stylish look, but also with excellent compatibility. Stylists confirm that there is a place for such an accessory even in a business look.

It is important to know not only the options for fashion accessories, but also modern ways to use them. For example, such an interesting technique works with bracelets - jewelry is worn over clothes.

Another micro trend that inspires experimentation is two identical bracelets on both hands.


In the autumn-winter season, fashionistas celebrate the triumphant return of brooches. The conservative design of jewelry in the past is now in trend with avant-garde and stylish geometry.


The aesthetics of the 90s are presented in a new reading: for example, the legendary chokers have turned into accent metal jewelry and wide ribbons.

So that your favorite accessory does not visually shorten your neck, remember the win-win combination with a V-neck on your clothes.

Large size

In the design of many women's jewelry for autumn-winter, brands chose an emphatically large size. Such dimensions are a sure reference point for the relevance of accessories. The fashion rule applies to different details: bracelets, necklaces, earrings.


In the autumn-winter fashion collections, there has been another trend that combines different groups of jewelry. Graphic design with clear geometric shapes is the secret to a stylish look and versatility of accessories.

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Photos of fashionable jewelry for autumn-winter suggest what details you can stylishly diversify the usual outfits. Experimenting with new accessories is easier than with non-standard styles of clothing, because the details easily turn into fashionable accents of laconic images.