Fashion chains around the neck 2023 for women

Jewelery and bijouterie

The chain is one of those accessories that women have been wearing season after season for decades. During this time, the manufacturing technology has changed more than once, but the essence and purpose of the product remained unchanged. The metal links were intricately connected to each other and formed a beautiful decoration, which the ladies were happy to include in their image. And the constantly evolving jewelry art has contributed to the emergence of many original ways of weaving chains.

In addition, the design changed regularly, following the fashion trends that were inherent in past eras. Women's love for beautiful chains has remained unchanged to this day. Modern women of fashion also willingly emphasize their graceful neck and décolleté with this jewelry. Let's discuss the most fashionable women's chains for 2023.

Popular types of chain weaving for 2023

Despite the apparent simplicity, there are many ways to weave chains, both ordinary and complex, often requiring more than just machine stamping. Finished products vary in both appearance and strength, which is why some are more popular with fashionistas than others. To date, most often pay attention to the following types of weaving.

  • Anchor. The easiest way to do it. It takes its name from the common anchor chain, which is made by simply linking straight round or slightly elongated links. The finished chain with such weaving turns out to be its miniature copy. Such products are widespread and popular with girls, both on their own and as part of a neck jewelry with a pendant.

  • Carapace weaving. More difficult to manufacture. When working on such a product, some manipulations are still carried out manually. In this case, the links of the chain turn out to be flat and so closely connected to each other that they seem to be a single whole. Visually, they resemble armor or are associated with the shell of animals, which is why the method got its name.
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  • Bismarck. One of the most beautiful ways of weaving. It is very complex, and the process itself is often carried out entirely by hand. The result is an intricate and effective product, but at the same time very durable. For their aesthetic qualities, these chains are very fond of all connoisseurs of jewelry. There are also varieties of Bismarck, such as Arabic, round and others. All of them are slightly different in design.

  • Nonna. One of the varieties of shell weaving. In this case, the chains are made of oval-shaped links with an additional element for the hitch. The output is a beautiful knitting, on which diamond chips are sometimes applied on top to make it look even more spectacular.

  • Figaro. Fashion chains around the neck in 2023 often look fancy. To achieve this effect, craftsmen resort to figaro knitting. A feature of this weaving method is the alternation of links of different sizes. As a rule, several short ones in a row and one long one. It turns out an elegant thin product that looks beautiful both with a properly selected pendant and as an independent decoration.

  • Rhombus. A kind of anchor weaving, in which the links are not oval, but in the shape of a rhombus. Chains of such weaving are suitable for everyone - men and women. This is a good base for various additional pendants. The accessory looks very stylish and elegant.

  • Singapore. A complex type of weaving from spirals. The finished chain turns out to be twisted, which looks beautiful on the neck in itself. Therefore, such an ornament can be worn without pendants at all. Spiral links draw attention to themselves due to overflows of metal playing in the light.

Each of these weaving methods has its own advantages and disadvantages. When choosing an accessory, they must be taken into account so that the chain lasts longer.

Fashion chains for 2023

If we talk about the design of chains for women, then among the novelties of the season there will be both thin elegant and massive models that attract attention. Precious metals are also still popular. These are gold, silver and even platinum.

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Cheaper, but no less representative jewelry, which can also be worn on its own, and complemented by other decorative elements, will also look stylish. We recommend paying attention to the following chain options in the 2023 season.

  • Classic. Ordinary thin chains made of silver or gold never go out of style. Complemented with a pendant or pendant, they will become a stylish completion of the image, they will look appropriate and incredibly feminine in any situation. Models with original weaving can be worn as an independent stylish accessory.

  • Chains in several rows. Fashionable chains in 2023, gold or silver, are fashionable to wear in several rows - two or three. It can be one multi-tiered jewelry, or several different chains that differ in length.

  • Massive chains. In addition to thin elegant products, large sizes are in trend - large, massive chains consisting of large links. These can be both relatively short models clasping the neck, and long chains consisting of fantasy-shaped links with large pendants, pearls and other decorative elements.

  • Chokers. Along with long and medium, short chains are in fashion, which tightly cover the neck, like the famous choker necklace. This is a very seductive and elegant jewelry, which is especially important to wear in the spring-summer season. The choker can have decorative elements: rhinestones, additional pendants in the form of single or grouped chains.

In the photo above, you saw dozens of options for fashion chains that will be in trend in 2023. Their designs go perfectly with the trends that can be seen in clothing - any of the preferred styles. So, if you want to complement your look with an elegant or noticeable decoration, you will have a hard time picking it up.