Weave chain "nonna": a combination of elegance and strength

The weaving of the "Nonna" chain, despite its relative simplicity, attracts attention. shine products and openwork pattern. Such weaving is somewhat reminiscent of lace. Therefore, the very name "Nonna" is associated not with a woman's name, but with the phrase "maglia della nonna", which can be translated from Italian as "grandmother's knitting". Accordingly, “nonna” itself is “grandmother”.

In addition to its attractive appearance, Nonna weave has good mechanical properties, which makes it quite common in the jewelry market and popular among buyers.

What does the chain of weaving "Nonna" look like?

The links of such a product are located in one plane, forming a dense and smooth sequence, like the mail armor of warriors.

"Nonna" is a variety shell weave.

В classical execution of the chain "Nonna" looks like two tracks of rather flat links. In turn, in each of them, links of two sizes alternate sequentially - large and small. And the tracks are intertwined so that the small link of one is located inside the large link of the second.
Sometimes you can find fantasy variants of such a chain, the appearance of which will completely depend on the idea of ​​the jeweler or designer. For example:

  • the alternation of one large and two small spirally twisted links looks original;
  • a more difficult option is when two large and two small links are connected;
  • small links may not be made of wire, but can be a solid metal element of elliptical or other shape.

The links of the chain can be oval or diamond-shaped, more elongated or, conversely, rounded.

Weaving properties "Nonna"

Chains "Nonna" are different neatness и grace... Thin and delicate, they favorably emphasize the beauty of a woman's neck, wrist, and décolleté. Therefore, this kind of weaving is especially popular among both young girls and more mature women.

However, men can also find a product to their liking. Unlike women's weaving chains "Nonna", which are characterized by refinement and smoothness of lines, in men's versions the emphasis is on the massiveness and angularity of the links. Also, guys will definitely appreciate practicality such decoration.

Nonna weaving chains have a shining sheen.

The brilliant effect is achieved by sawing sections of the surfaces of the links at a certain angle. This technology is called diamond cut and is based on the use of special cutters. The jewelry processed in this way sparkles and plays in the sun.

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For "Nonna" is characterized by positive mechanical properties armored weaves:

  • strength - achieved due to the dense high-quality interweaving of the chain links;
  • flexibility - such a chain is not characterized by creases;
  • the links themselves are strong, not prone to deformation.

Weaving jewelry "Nonna" comfortable and have a high wear resistance... They do not cling to clothes, do not scratch the skin and things, do not twist on the body. Therefore, "Nonna" is an ideal option for everyday wear.

Weak point these strong chains are often the clasp or the point of attachment. Of course, such a breakdown may simply be due to the poor quality of the elements themselves. However, the gap in these places is also foreseen by security considerations. Otherwise, a person, catching a chain on something, risks injuring the neck or wrist.

Making a chain

Nonna jewelry can be made by jewelers manually or in production at special machines... Each method has both advantages and disadvantages.

The jeweler can undertake to make a chain with a unique design, at the request of the customer.

RџSЂRё by hand the way the complexity and quality of the product will depend on the professionalism of the master. The cost of such chains is higher than that of machine chains, because each process is performed by the hands of a jeweler. The general sequence of actions is as follows:

  • an ingot of metal is expanded and a wire is pulled out of it;
  • the wire is wound into a spiral;
  • rings of links are sawn;
  • the links are strung on top of each other in the required sequence and closed;
  • links are soldered;
  • in tension, the chain is unscrewed in such a way that all the links of the steel are in the same plane. Additionally, the chain is tapped on each side or straightened in the clamps;
  • the upper and lower planes are turned;
  • the chain is finally polished.

On the production all actions are automated, they are performed by high-tech machines. Operators adjust the equipment, monitor its condition, transfer materials and products between different stages of production, and first check the quality. When the production is put on stream, then the cost of the resulting jewelry will be lower than that made by hand, with the same weight.

Weaving "Nonna", made by machine, is closer to the female version, since the machines have a limitation on the thickness of the links. Such jewelry turns out to be quite delicate and hardly suitable for men.

To become the owner of a chain "Nonna" with thick and voluminous links, most likely, you will have to contact a jeweler.

Which chain to choose: blown or solid

The links of the chain of weaving "Nonna" can be not only wholebut also hollow. The first option has all the advantages of armor chains, including strength and reliability. Their links are easily repaired - soldered or replaced.

Hollow, or exaggerated, chains are lighter, therefore they are cheaper than a solid analogue. As the name suggests, their links are made from thin, hollow threads. These products are less durable and more prone to deformation. They are often chosen for their lower cost. However, large and voluminous hollow chains deserve special attention. Such jewelry is ideal for fans of massive products, and due to their lightness, you will not feel any discomfort when wearing. It must be borne in mind that the repair of blown chains is more difficult than solid ones.

Gold or Silver?

"Nonna" - universal weaving. Its appeal is maintained regardless of the material of the chain, be it noble metal or ordinary jewelry.

In the jewelry market, the most widespread are jewelry made from all the usual gold and silver. Of course, when choosing the material for the chain, first of all, you should be guided by personal preferences. However, if you want to try something new, then there are general recommendations for choosing the most suitable jewelry by type of appearance.

Gold chain weaving "Nonna" will suit tanned people with blonde hair and eyes.

Rђ RІRѕS, silver the jewelry will accentuate the beauty of light, pale or marbled skin. The chain will suit brunettes and blondes with a cool shade of color. The same recommendations apply to products made from white gold.

Lovers of bright and original jewelry can appreciate the weaving, assembled from links of different colors. For example from white and yellow or yellow and red gold.

Chain "Nonna": what and how to wear

The decoration of this weave matches perfectly with any style in clothes. It stands out brightly with an evening outfit, looks restrained with a business suit and adds sparkle to a casual look.
You can play with link thickness... Delicate openwork chains will emphasize the delicacy of a girl's wrist and curves of the neck. With age, it is recommended to choose wider jewelry. They add imposingness, set off the beauty of a woman, speak of her confidence and self-sufficiency.

For lovers jewelry sets the combination of a chain "Nonna" on the neck and a bracelet of the same weaving will be to your liking. If they are purchased in more than one set, then you should choose products from the same metal of the same color and sample. Ideally, the chain links are of the same thickness, although some deviations are possible if desired. It is also necessary to ensure that the shape of the links matches. Then both products will be in harmony with each other and complement each other.

In general, thanks to its elegant appearance and sophistication of weaving, the Nonna chain is a self-sufficient decoration.

If desired, it can be decorated with an additional accessory. However, due attention should be paid to his choice, otherwise such a combination will look heavy and cumbersome. Fancy weaving products do not require any additions.

If by lenght there are no special preferences for the Nonna chain, then when choosing an adornment for your neck, you can follow the general recommendations:

  • a thin and long neck will be emphasized by an openwork chain of small length 35–40 cm. It should be borne in mind that such decorations visually give the neck fullness and shorten it, so it is better to choose them for thin girls;
  • a chain 50 cm long is considered universal;
  • long chains visually slim and stretch the figure. They will be a winning option for curvy ladies and older women;
  • women of fashion who love to combine jewelry can create a stylish look by wearing several pieces of different lengths at the same time.

When choosing a pendant or pendant you should be guided by the size of the chain:

  • the thinner the chain, the smaller the suspension should be. A neat and airy accessory will beautifully complement a short piece of jewelry;
  • for a medium-length chain, you can choose a pendant with a precious stone;
  • massive jewelry with thick links can be supplemented with large accessories. However, one should observe the measure: too heavy suspension will look ridiculous, which noticeably pulls the chain;
  • older ladies can wear a small pendant with a long decoration to take the eyes off the neck and décolleté.

It is not recommended to combine the Nonna chain with old pendants. Both of these products draw attention to themselves.

When choosing a piece of jewelry it is worth seeing clasp... Usually, a carabiner-type lock is used for bracelets, and a spring-type lock for neck chains. They are durable and reliable.

Due to its femininity and elegance, the "Nonna" weaving chain is an excellent accessory for both young girls and mature ladies. This piece of jewelry can be a wonderful gift. And not only for the fair sex. Correctly selected, male version of the chain "Nonna", convenient and practical, will appeal to the stronger sex.


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