On which finger and hand is the engagement ring worn before the wedding

Today, engagement before the wedding is not as popular as it used to be. And it usually lasts a short time - one to three months from the proposal to the wedding ceremony. Some people do without this ritual at all, preferring to exchange rings already in the registry office. But if, nevertheless, the tradition touched you, it is better to find out on which hand and on which finger you need to wear the cherished ring.

In general, an engagement is a touching and joyful event in the life of any girl. When a loved one at a certain moment and in a romantic setting takes out a box and asks you to become his wife ... My heart stops, tears of happiness come to my eyes and the whole world wants to shout about him. But first, it's worth answering "yes!" beloved man and put on a symbolic gift correctly.

On which hand is the engagement ring worn before the wedding according to signs

Unlike the finger question, opinions about which hand to wear this ring on differ from country to country. In Russia, it is customary to put it on the right hand, since it is on this hand that engagement rings are then worn. But in the USA and some European countries, both the engagement ring and wedding rings are worn exclusively on the left hand.

Engagement and engagement jewelry is often confused, although the meaning is different. Judge for yourself. The second ring is usually one. It is given by a young man when he proposes to his soul mate. And if a girl puts on a ring, it means her consent to marry this particular man in the future. There are already two wedding rings. They are exchanged by the young during solemn vows in the wedding palace.

By the way, if we talk about signs, then earlier the engagement rings were a real heirloom. Therefore, the bride wore it until the wedding, and then took it off. The father of the family passed the ring to his son when he reached marriageable age, so that he would present the jewelry to his bride. This is how the jewel passed from generation to generation.

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On which finger is the engagement ring worn before the wedding in Russia and some countries of Eastern Europe

The engagement ring is most often accepted put on the ring finger... It is believed that it is he who is associated with the heart. A wedding band is then put on the same finger. Although, in fact, if your cultural customs or personal preferences dictate different conditions, you can easily wear the jewelry on any other finger.

Previously, this decoration not only served as a sign of the seriousness of a man's intentions, but also showed his material status and financial capabilities. Therefore, engagement rings were often much more pretentious ornaments than more modest engagement rings.

Most often, the engagement ring is decorated with a diamond. And this has its own symbolism. First of all, the beauty of the jewelry symbolizes the beauty of the bride. Diamond is a very durable material. It symbolizes the serious intentions of the groom and his wealth. And the ring itself is one of the ancient symbols of infinity, which speaks of eternal love.

Brides often like these rings so much that they do not want to part with them in the future.

Is it possible to take this ring off before the wedding

As well as engagement rings in the following, engagement rings involve constant wearing on the hand. Yes, you can take it off when cleaning, cooking or bathing. But this is a ring that you wear every day, not from time to time. It clearly shows that the girl's heart is already firmly occupied, and things are moving towards the wedding.

The only serious reason why you can remove this ring from your hand for a long time is if the young have changed their minds about a conscientious future. This most often happens in the case of a long engagement (more than a year or two). In this case, there are certain rules. If the separation was due to the fault of the girl herself, then she gives the ring back to the chosen one. And if the initiator is a man, he leaves the jewelry to the girl.

If you are together and do not plan a separate life, wear the ring until the very day of the ceremony.

But the groom also needs to take this into account when choosing a ring for his beloved. It should be not only beautiful and elegant, but also comfortable to wear on a daily basis. Especially if the engagement is planned for more than one month.

What does it mean by signs to lose an engagement ring

No one is as superstitious as lovers. There is a hidden meaning and context in every action and event. And, since a wedding is an extremely exciting and valuable event, any small or not very nuisance turns into a huge disaster. This is especially true of such a problem as the loss of an engagement ring shortly before the wedding.

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There are several interpretations of such a sign, but almost all of them do not differ in positive meaning. What can the loss of jewelry threaten with:

  • The very first explanation is that a discord will occur in the couple, and as a result of the cooling of the relationship, there will be no wedding, the young will part.
  • If loss has occurred on the wedding dayThus, fate sends a warning to the young to reconsider their desire to marry. And if both ignore this sign, then in the end family life will not be smooth, and it will still end in divorce.
  • If you have already lost the ring after the ceremony, this also threatens the disintegration of the family. And in the marriage itself, there will be scandals, quarrels, infidelity and other troubles all the time.
  • Also, when a girl loses a ring, signs promise the disintegration of the family through the fault of the spouse... The loss of the ring symbolizes the breaking of the threads that tie her to her husband. Another man may appear in her life, because of whom the family will cease to exist. In addition, if a woman's ring suddenly falls off her finger, this may indicate a serious illness of one of the family members.

On the other hand, we live in an enlightened age. It is no secret that many couples where the young have lost their engagement or even wedding rings, despite the signs, live happily ever after. Therefore, to believe or not is a personal matter for everyone. But for myself it is more pleasant to believe only in good omens. After all, thoughts are material, and we ourselves tune ourselves to one or another plot of the development of events.

Other signs about engagement rings

But it's not just losses that happen. Let's see what the signs say about other actions with decoration:

  • This ring should not be given to fitting other people so as not to share their own happiness.
  • If decoration did not fit, this can promise misunderstandings and quarrels in a couple (although, if you are not superstitious, any master jeweler will fix this problem),
  • If out of the ring a pebble fell, this again predicts troubles and conflicts between lovers. True, another sign for this case has a more positive interpretation - it is believed that the stone took upon itself the coming troubles and took them away from its owner. But in any case, it is better to replace the ring after that.
  • In case of separation the ring is advised to be thrown into any deep body of water, given to a church or taken to a jeweler for melting in order to remove negative energy.
  • Family heirloominherited will only strengthen the future marriage.
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Belief in superstition is an individual matter. It's up to you to decide whether to let signs into your life or follow logic. But they came to us through decades and even centuries, and it is not surprising that today many pay attention and follow the signs.

And where to wear it after painting

Okay, during the whole engagement you looked with joy at the ring finger of your right hand, adorned with the coveted headband. But now the most important day is approaching - the ceremony in the wedding palace. How and where to wear an engagement ring after the wedding?

On the day of the painting, the ring finger is needed for the wedding ring, so the engagement ring should be changed to the middle one. And after painting, you can wear rings and both on one finger, or put on any other. But if you want to wear two rings at once on the nameless one, it is better to coordinate the engagement in advance in style with the engagement. Also, sometimes newlyweds, in order to make precious headbands a symbol of the integrity and unity of their young family, solder both rings at a master jeweler. You can also mirror the engagement ring on the ring finger of your left hand.

Another interesting option for wearing the engagement symbol after the wedding is as a pendant on a chain. If we talk about symbolism, this position is much closer to the heart than the finger of the hand. By the way, if the engagement was a secret, you should choose this option so as not to advertise your relationship to the general public.

If you want, you can make the decoration yourself a family heirloom, passing it on to your child in the future.

So, let's summarize. Engagement rings are worn on the same finger as the engagement ring. On the day of the wedding ceremony, the finger is released, and after that the girl can wear the first ring as she likes. According to signs, the loss of such a ring can mean trouble in marriage, but only in your power to give up superstitions and independently build your happy future with your loved one.


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