A highlight: tassel earrings

Want to be trendy this spring and summer? Then feel free to choose tassel earrings, which for several seasons have firmly held the leading position in the list of the most fashionable jewelry. And this is not surprising: unusual accessories attract fashionistas with their original design and freedom in choosing shades.

Long earrings with flowing tassels of silk, cotton, beads or metal chains ... Airy, light, sonorous! They frame the face luxuriously and sometimes even touch the shoulders. These accessories are completely independent and can do without additions in the form of other decorations, although they look quite organic with them.

From the history

It is difficult to say with certainty where and when these jewelry first appeared. But it is absolutely certain that tassel earrings have long been associated by many with the decoration of the interior and curtains. The word "tassel" originated from the Latin "tassau", which means "fastener" or, in a way, a knot, "tie" on clothes. At the beginning, the tassels were a kind of weaving knots, then they acquired more importance: they were worn by ancient priests and officers as talismans that protected from evil spirits. Even the Egyptian pharaoh Tutankhamun was found in his tomb with a tassel around his neck.

In 330 CE, the Roman emperor Constantine decreed that all Christians had to wear certain garments that were tied with a belt, which led to a high demand for tassel trimmings. Later, these decorative elements became widespread in the east and west, where they were mainly worn by representatives of the aristocracy. But for the fact that brushes have become an integral part of the fashion world, we can thank the French: in the XNUMXth century, they made the making of brushes a separate art form. It took seven years to learn this craft! Brushes made by skilled craftsmen cost a fortune and often adorned palaces and thrones.

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The church tied them to robes to denote titles among the members of the clergy. Napoleon decorated his imperial throne with it, and King Louis XIV even commissioned to decorate all royal costumes and residences with tassels. Soon after, the rest of the Western world followed suit, decorating with tassels as much as possible.

Later, scientists from Oxford and Cambridge began attaching brushes to students' graduation caps. This tradition has existed for the last half century. The tassel was originally intended to decorate graduation caps during the ceremony, but later it became a symbolic part of the costume. The gesture of moving the brush from one side of the cap to the other symbolizes the student's "path" from candidate to graduate. Before the ceremony, the tassel on the cap is placed on the right, and after receiving the diploma, it is moved to the left.

Modern decoration

Tassel earrings are a cross between Great Gatsby style jewelry, flamenco dancer jewelry and hippie accessories. They are made from a wide variety of materials. And a variety of shapes, shades and additional decor options make the earrings incredibly fashionable. Large, bright and noticeable - they seem to be made for spring and summer! These earrings can be worn with jeans and T-shirts, light blouses and flying dresses, especially with bare shoulders.

Modern designers and jewelers often look for inspiration in the past and in areas that seem to be far from fashion. So the tassel earrings seemed to have received a second birth, becoming one of the main trends of the present time. If you want to feel like a real diva, luxurious and attractive, then these tassel earrings are what you need!

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