Microtrend: extra large earrings

Jewelery and bijouterie

We noted another jewelry trend of the current season and are in a hurry to share it. It will definitely come in handy if the task is to focus on the portrait zone or just to impress! In addition, especially large earrings will appeal to those who prefer laconic outfits and can hardly tolerate a large number of jewelry. An added bonus is ease of use and ease of use.

We look into the details and share inspiration!

What to choose?

Among the most popular designs are massive vintage-style clip-on earrings (we look for inspiration in the Saint Laurent collections) and familiar XXL hoop earrings (early XNUMXs as a good example). Probably the most spectacular are plot items that are distinguished by high artistic value or symbolic content. The most cited are expressive waterfalls made of crystals (as in the latest Magda Butrym collections) or “candy” jewelry in the spirit of Swarovski.

What to combine?

The more complex the jewelry design, the less flashy the outfit should be. For example, the most versatile option is large earrings and a long dress with a simple cut (preferably without active prints). Pairing XXL jewelry with a three piece suit or a basic combination of pants and a high neck turtleneck looks really good.

In addition, large earrings are indispensable in the autumn-winter looks, built on layering. It would not be superfluous to recall their phenomenal ability to complement headgear.

Expected effect

Extra large earrings are a graceful way to express yourself and show off your personal style. We appreciate them for their rare ability to enhance the character and transform the mood of the most everyday outfits, as well as for their phenomenal functionality. Despite the extremely expressive and bold individuality, the product adapts to any wardrobe, easily fulfilling the set stylistic task and placing semantic accents as correctly as possible.

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