What does the Rorschach test look like if you are a jeweler

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We are testing jewelers on irregularly shaped pearls - what characters will the artist see in the pearl? Where will his wild (or not so) fantasy take him?

A little reference: The Rorschach test is a psychodiagnostic test for personality research, published in 1921 by the Swiss psychiatrist and psychologist Hermann Rorschach (German: Hermann Rorschach). The subject is asked to give an interpretation of ten ink blots symmetrical about the vertical axis. Each such figure serves as a stimulus for free association - the subject must name any word, image or idea that arises in his mind.

We replace the blots with precious baroque pearls.

Baroque pearls - la perola barroca - so the Portuguese sailors called pearls of irregular shape. There is a version that the direct translation sounds like “ugly pearls”, but just look at them - is it really possible to call this miracle so rude?

Maybe you will also be interested in training your imagination and trying to see your image in pearls?

In my opinion, these pearls are so beautiful in their natural form that you just need to string them on a string and the unique bracelet is ready!

What does the Rorschach test look like if you are a jeweler

But jewelers are imaginative people and such simple paths are not for them.

The process of creating decorations on paper:

What does the Rorschach test look like if you are a jeweler

The artist saw a flying crane in the mother-of-pearl. Original look.

Turned into a peppy mouse on skis pearl of the south seas, and diamonds and sapphires make it a truly precious piece.

Source: jewelry.1stdibs.com

Fancy fish made of artificial pearls swims in the waves from sapphires and diamonds.

Source: auctionatrium.com

Everything here is simple and comfortable. Just a kitty all in diamonds looks at you with precious eyes.

birdies from Tahitian pearls on a golden branch.

Source: www.1stdibs.com

Very smart octopus from the famous collection of Tiffany & Co. Blue Book 2016, the entire collection is dedicated to marine life.

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What does the Rorschach test look like if you are a jeweler

The pearl cat is watching diamond dreams.

Source: pinterest.ru/kadelmanoj/

A diamond rabbit worth about $ 10 - any woman would run after such a handsome man, like that same Alice from Wonderland.

Source: www.1stdibs.com

Amazing antique fish.

Antique Cartier brooch. Private collection.

All our jewelers turned out to be lovers of fauna. Wonderful, kind people who see various animals in pearls.