Gentleman's set: TOP-3 men's jewelry

Jewelery and bijouterie

We strongly disagree with the opinion that men do not need jewelry! The main argument is that they are extremely versatile products that can be easily integrated into any wardrobe, have no age restrictions and serve as an excellent tool for self-expression.

Rings, rings and signets

Probably the most popular category of men's jewelry, which is incredibly easy to use and does not require styling skills. They will come in handy if you want to express your individuality, make a loud statement, or simply demonstrate your current mood.

Size, design and even quantity are entirely at your discretion. One suggestion is to try wearing a ring on your little finger (this technique is not only associated with the aesthetics of Guy Ritchie films, but also goes back to the traditions of aristocrats and representatives of big business).


We are talking about a category of products that, due to unusual design solutions or the use of precious materials, are difficult to perceive as an instrument for measuring time. Here we will add examples of strong and almost always successful unions of watch and jewelry companies (the same Patek Philippe and Tiffany & Co.).

The secret of success lies in timeless relevance (watches will never go out of fashion), as well as in conditional safety - a watch as an everyday or, conversely, formal evening decoration does not cause fear or emotional discomfort, even if the dial of the selected model is densely studded with multi-colored Swarovski crystals .


Most often we see brooches on red carpets or during special events. Even one miniature “pin” is enough for a full-fledged precious accent, which means this is an excellent solution for those who do not tolerate an abundance of details.

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Brooches can be attached anywhere (especially popular - on a pocket, lapel and instead of a tie) and in any quantity. Among the most current options are the most laconic items that can easily fit into an everyday wardrobe, and vice versa, real works of jewelry (including archival ones) with an unusual silhouette or a recognizable motif.