TOP 3 stylish hoop earrings

Jewelery and bijouterie

Among the jewelry there are universal designs that suit any style, age and image. These designs include hoop earrings that fit all the boxes in the "universal jewelry" category.

Clash de Cartier gold earrings

The Clash de Cartier collection appeared in the history of Cartier in 2019. The design of the collection's jewelry reflects the idea of ​​duality, when two opposites complement and balance each other. Studs and studs on earrings, rings and bracelets create a bold and independent look. But when touched, it becomes clear that this is only a first impression. Outwardly sharp corners are soft and rounded to the touch, while feminine curves and graceful lines make the jewelry comfortable to wear.

The presented Clash de Cartier hoop earrings are made of 750-carat rose gold. The inner diameter is 37,88 mm, the width is 6,4 mm. Earrings are equipped with a stud clasp and weigh 27,68 grams.

The front side of the product is decorated with rivets in the form of pyramids. Mirror polished sides and corners appear sharp. But touching them, it becomes clear that this is an illusion and smooth curves are hidden behind a dangerous view. The side edge is decorated with studs with the same dual nature as the rivets. When touched, the studs can move and then snap back into place thanks to a Cartier-designed mechanism of tiny magnets.

Cartier Hoop Etincelle De Cartier Diamond Earrings

Cartier Hoop Etincelle De Cartier Diamond Earrings

The Etincelle De Cartier collection was presented by Cartier jewelry and watch house in 2017. With the help of refined and delicate items of the collection, the brand promoted the idea of ​​affordable luxury, when diamonds would not wait for a special occasion, but would become a daily part of the image. In this case, hoop earrings are a universal adornment, in the design of which Cartier varies in size, color of the precious metal, the width of the arch of the earrings and the number of incomparable diamonds.

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The presented Cartier earrings are made of white gold 750. The size is 24 mm, weight - 9,73 grams. The earrings are equipped with a stud clasp.

The peculiarity of these earrings is that diamonds are located not only on the front side of the arc, but also on the inside. This decision enhances the radiance and play of light of the stones, while leaving the design elegant and discreet. The total weight of diamonds in the piece is 1,2 carats.

De Beers Horizon Hoop Gold Earrings

De Beers Horizon Hoop Gold Earrings

Diamond giant De Beers launched the More Than A Gift holiday campaign in 2019, bringing together four new collections: Enchanted Lotus, Dewdrop, Horizon and My First De Beers. The De Beers Horizon collection brings contemporary aesthetics and De Beers jewelery codes into sleek, elegant pieces. De Beers Horizon is more than just a gift. These products create memories and carry forward, and the true meaning is preserved long after the gift has been opened.

These De Beers Horizon hoop earrings are crafted in 750-carat rose gold. The size is 16 mm, weight - 6,57 grams. The earrings are equipped with a stud clasp.

The design of the De Beers Horizon Hoop is a single row pavé band that runs between the two outer bands. The lightness of the geometric shapes of this collection is combined with the precision of the company's technical achievements. The inner band is hand paved with 62 round diamonds, totaling 0,19 carats. Characteristics of F / VVS stones.