Full Brightness: Choosing Pop Art Jewelry

Jewelery and bijouterie

At the end of September, the largest exhibition of Andy Warhol in the last decade, the iconic American artist whose name in art is invariably associated with pop art, opened in Moscow. Catchy, cheerful, glamorous and provocative, this style is embodied in the art of jewelry in the form of the most striking jewelry and accessories. We will tell you how to pick them up and what to wear with.

History of occurrence

Pop art includes colorful portraits of Marilyn Monroe and Jackie Kennedy (by Warhol, of course), crazy parties at the Studio 54 club, color-block outfits and accent, avant-garde jewelry. In the 60s, the attitude towards accessories changed - now it is not a luxury item, but an element of self-irony. Hence the materials - plastic, enamel, semi-precious stones, no diamonds or gold.

But in order to truly immerse yourself in the daring spirit of pop art, you need to plunge into its history. Not everyone knows that this style, which has become a symbol of American culture, originated in post-war Britain. London-based artists founded the Independent Group to create new art. They were interested in popular culture, advertising, industrial design and comics, which were denied by academic art at the time. Interestingly, to some extent, the late Picasso is considered to be a harbinger of pop art.

But the real hysteria around pop art began in the United States and is associated with the names of Roy Lichtenstein and Andy Warhol. They proved that anything can be a piece of art, from a can of Campbells soup and a bottle of Coca Cola to the image of the first lady. Warhol himself went even further and made pop art his way of life. The rules are simple: be ironic, don't take yourself too seriously, be able to shock and not be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

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Pop art accessories are also a kind of manifesto. No matter what your status in society and income, a cute pendant in the form of a Disney princess or Mickey Mouse will hint that you have a good sense of humor.

Celebrities and cartoon characters

What's pop art without Marilyn Monroe? Artists have created a real cult of Hollywood stars and sports, politicians (remember, for example, the famous portrait of Mao) and ourselves. Decorations in this style are always accent, so combine them with clothes without prints. Earrings with the image of Marilyn look very impressive - a great addition to a cocktail dress or evening look.

Another of the basic images in pop art is Disney characters... And the main thing here, of course, is Mickey Mouse - a character who can add a pleasant lightheadedness to even the most strict office image. Therefore, we recommend wearing bracelets with the silhouette of the iconic rodent with white shirts, plain pullovers or sportswear.

Color block

Pop art is characterized by bright and contrasting color combinations - no other style can boast of such a riot of colors. A distinctive feature is the absence of complex shades such as wine-burgundy or aqua. Pop art is a story about basic, local colors. If yellow, then bright, clean! Better yet, in combination with blue. Choosing a wardrobe for such jewelry, you can be guided by a simple principle - the laconic silhouette and no more than 3-4 colors in one look. The rest is complete freedom.

All edible

Fast food, food cult, cupcakes, canned food and other gastronomy are another pop art theme. Wear earrings in the form of mouth-watering cakes or pepper-shaped pendants (for added "spice"). It is better not to mix accessories with each other - just have one “edible ingredient” in your outfit. But in the choice of clothes you can not limit yourself - sweatshirts and T-shirts with prints are perfect! Sport-chic clothing (like silk tracksuits) is even better! Small jewelry can rhyme with things in casual style - an original option for every day.

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Lettering and fonts

Advertising slogans and comics are also associated with pop art, so look for accessories with different lettering. If you like minimalistic and basic things in your wardrobe, then you can just add similar accessories - pin a pin on the lapel of your jacket or wear a blouse with a necklace with the word Love. And now, your image is no longer about the dress code and convenience, from now on it is your personal manifesto!