Out of time and out of fashion - jewelry that will always be relevant

Jewelery and bijouterie

The fashion industry is in constant motion and every season dictates new trends and trends, which are recommended to be followed unquestioningly. However, there are exceptions to even the strictest rules. For the jewelry direction, at least three categories of jewelry are relevant, which will be popular, regardless of fashion trends and design solutions.


Probably the most popular decoration of recent times, without which it is impossible to imagine a modern look. It’s hard to be mistaken in assuming that chains of different shapes, sizes and weaves will continue their triumphant march through fashionable wardrobes, complementing almost any outfit: from floor-length silk dresses to a tracksuit. Our recommendation is not to be afraid of diversity! Experiment with different metal colors and don't shy away from bold solutions. For example, wear chains not only around your neck and wrists, but also as a hair ornament.

pearl strands

Jewelry designers offer an unlimited number of original solutions for pearl jewelry. Nevertheless, the classic pearl thread remains the most popular item that no jewelry wardrobe can do without. Despite the severity and some conservatism of the jewelry, there are many ways to give it a different mood, for example, mixing it with contrasting pieces of precious metals or creating multi-layered compositions of their pearls of different shapes and sizes. Another suggestion is to wear a string of pearls together with the belt.


The relevance of diamond jewelry is beyond doubt. Thanks to their versatility and a huge number of design solutions, there is always the opportunity to choose a piece of jewelry that matches personal preferences and wishes. By the way, not only miniature products for every day are very popular, but also quite large jewelry with a pronounced festive mood: for example, diamond chokers or massive rings with large multi-colored stones, which often additionally have a high artistic value.