Halloween decorations for girls

Let's talk about jewelry for our image, about rings, necklaces, bracelets and pendants in the style of Halloween. What jewelry to choose and where to buy?

Halloween Jewelry & Bijouterie

If you have a gothic girlfriend, you can borrow her jewelry. Or you will have to buy jewelry in special stores for goths, bikers and followers of other subcultures. Of course, the easiest way to buy jewelry on aliexpress, but they may not be in time for Halloween. You need to order on aliexpress in advance or you will have to pay for expensive shipping options.

Halloween rings

For a gloomy look, rings and rings made of white metal - silver, platinum and other more affordable ones are best suited.

Our Asian friends have long mastered the production of jewelry from titanium and tungsten, and these metals deserve special attention, they have extraordinary properties and symbolize modern technologies, which makes them especially attractive.

In order for the rings to reflect the spirit of the holiday, they should not just be round, they need elements of a gloomy aesthetic - sharp edges, bird claws, bat wings and, of course, skulls. Skull rings are the best addition to your Halloween look. When buying rings, do not forget about stones, red and especially orange stone will be a great addition.

Halloween rings

Halloween necklaces and chains

The jewelry industry offers many types of chains, some of them have a very original weave. Choose from sterling silver chains and accessorize with matching skull, bat, skeleton, pumpkin, owl, cat or eye pendants.

What decorations to wear on Halloween

Beads from carnelian will be a chic addition to the image. If you can find a necklace carved from natural walrus bone or mammoth tusk in an antique store, buy it without hesitation. Bone jewelry, especially beautiful ones, is rare, which makes them especially unique against the background of affordable costume jewelry.

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A good addition to a gloomy look is a necklace made of transparent sparkling stones, such as rock crystal or moonstone. Moonstone beads glow with an unearthly light and add mystery to the image.

Earrings and pendants

We buy earrings with pumpkins, dragons, skulls, bats from available materials. Another option is gold earrings in the form of a crescent moon, stars, a spearhead, they will perfectly complement the Halloween look, and after the holiday they will be suitable for everyday and evening looks.

Earring-cuff will be a chic find snake or dragonwrapped around the ear. Spiders and cats will come in handy, they are also associated with the night and otherworldly forces. fashionable tassel earrings black colors will also fit into a gloomy image.

A pendant with a pointed crystal in sterling silver will add a mystical charm to your look. If you wish, you can make jewelry with your own hands from beads, for this you just need to follow the color scheme of the holiday and choose the appropriate forms for design.

Halloween Chokers
Halloween Chokers

Halloween Chokers

Chokers best reflect the Halloween mood. It is not necessary to buy a choker with a bat and red stones in the form of blood drops. Even a simple choker in the form of a strip of leather with metal elements will serve as a great addition to the image. The most economical option is to make a choker with your own hands from a strip of black lace.

Amber in jewelry

Choose amber jewelry, close in color to the orange hue of the pumpkin.

Halloween is not a home holiday, although it can be celebrated at home, but the whole point is lost. Why buy a costume, waste time on vampire makeup, if no one will see it except our family and a few friends? It is better to celebrate the New Year at home, and on Halloween go to a club or restaurant where there will be a festive program and you can show off your outfits and decorations.

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Halloween Earrings
Halloween Earrings
Halloween Earrings
What decorations to wear on Halloween

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