The most powerful jewelry amulets

Jewelery and bijouterie

Today, jewelry is an element of style that creates a complete image. However, in ancient times, they performed a completely different function - they protected the owner from dark energy and evil forces.

Our ancestors perfectly understood the true meaning of jewelry, but over time, their deep symbolism was lost, and items made of precious metals and stones began to be perceived only as luxury items. It is important to know about the true genesis of jewelry and be able to use it to your advantage.

Charm rings

There are many references to guardian rings in history: the famous ring of Alexander the Great or the ring of King Solomon, which gives power over the genies.

The closed shape of the ring allows you to accumulate energy and protects against negative forces. Silver rings have a peaceful, creative energy. Unlike them, gold rings will suit people who are energetic and determined. It is on gold rings that it is customary to depict the seal of Solomon - a powerful symbol that protects the owner from life's troubles and attracts profit.

Ordinary wedding rings are also considered strong amulets. Since ancient times, these are not only symbols of marriage, but also the strongest defenders of the family from quarrels, disagreements and external threats.

Charm pendants

Primitive hunters wore claws and fangs of animals around their necks, believing that they gave them animal strength. More peaceful symbols are more suitable for a modern person. For example, religious (cross, icon or crescent, depending on religion).

A powerful amulet is the hamsa, or “hand of Miriam” - a symbol in the form of an open palm, known even in Mesopotamia. It is believed that the blue color protects from the evil eye, so hamsa are often decorated with precious stones of this particular color and its shades.

Charm bracelets

The wolf, as you know, is fed by the legs, well, since ancient times, the man was fed by his hands. Therefore, the bracelet worn on the hand has a special place in the magical hierarchy. For example, a red thread was traditionally tied around the wrist of a newborn to protect him from evil spirits before baptism.

Amulets made of textiles are usually worn on the left hand. This is a Kabbalistic red thread or bracelet of Shambhala. Also, the amulet on the left hand is responsible for creativity, the spiritual sphere and peace in the family. Jewelry amulets are put on the right hand, in their area of ​​​​responsibility - physical condition, wealth and success.

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It is a good idea to wear a bracelet with pendants, because it is believed that their chime scares away evil entities. To enhance the effect, as a pendant, you can use the "eye of Fatima" - an oriental amulet from envious people. It is believed that if it cracked, then it coped with its task. The reputation of this symbol is already evidenced by the fact that it has become the emblem of the Turkish airlines Fly Air.

Charm beads

Beads made of precious stones, minerals or wood are a powerful amulet. Which is not surprising, given the huge load of symbols in all cultures, the rosary is carried. It is believed that the rotation of the beads around their own axis, as well as the circular movement along the thread, are able to purify the energy flow directed from the outside. The ritual dance of dervishes in the Sufi tradition is a vivid example of this logic.

Charm stones

The protective properties of precious and semi-precious stones are widely known:

  • Malachite Protects against threats, suitable for children. Works best in a silver setting.
  • Jasper - the most powerful amulet, among other things, helping to get rid of the accumulated negative energy.
  • Eye of the Tiger - noticeably darkens and gains weight when danger approaches.

In addition to them, jet, onyx, and moonstone have protective properties.

The stone does not have to be precious. One of the strongest amulets is the "chicken god" - any stone with a hole pierced by water. Also, not all gems need to be worn. For example, if a stone is a talisman for a house. Silicon or a piece of quartz placed near the front door will become a powerful protector of the family hearth.

To unleash the full potential of an artifact, you need to "tune in" to it. Nothing complicated, just put it under your pillow for several nights in a row. Then the stones will be charged with powerful energy, the metal will receive magical properties, and the symbols will begin to work in full force.