Back in fashion - jewelry with a snake motif

Jewelery and bijouterie

Despite the fact that snake jewelry has never lost its relevance, today we are definitely seeing their renaissance. The reason for the sharply increased popularity is still the same - a rethinking of the aesthetics of the late 90s and early zero. It is on the red carpets of that time that one should look for inspiration and role models, taking into account one's individuality.

What to choose?

No restrictions. The graceful restraint of the serpentine motif has inspired an incredible number of talented jewelers, watchmakers and fashion houses. The most versatile option is sophisticated rings and laconic bracelets. Serpentine watches in a wide variety of incarnations seem no less practical.

An ideal solution for an evening out would be a massive necklace, decorated with an abundance of precious stones, as the only accent piece.

From what to wear?

Let's go from the opposite. Most likely, an outfit in a frankly sporty style is unlikely to tolerate the presence of snake products as a precious addition. Otherwise, no exceptions: depending on the size of the jewelry, it can be complemented with both basic everyday looks (shirt + jeans / knitted dress / trouser suit) and luxurious outfits.

From recommendations - be careful with prints and colorful flowers: jewelry with a snake motif has an expressive personality and a strong character that can conflict with other, too bright elements of the image.

How to combine?

The safest, in our opinion, option is a combination of spectacular snakes with the most basic products. In almost any combination, flexible reptiles will be the main focus, so you should not combine them with statement jewelry, defiantly unusual designs or a banal abundance of gems or crystals.

Avoid extreme contrasts: it is unlikely that anyone will be able to combine a snake and a conservative pearl thread into a harmonious composition.

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By the way, it is much easier to combine jewelry not in the shape of a snake, but with its image. For example, all kinds of medallions or massive seals - in this case, there are no rules! Any combination is possible, according to your preferences.