Jewelry with natural stones

Jewelery and bijouterie

We all know that fashion is cyclical. Jewelry trends also replace each other and return to us again in a more modern form. Precious jewelry with natural colored stones is back in trend! Read about which accessories with stones are especially popular and how to choose them.

Selection of jewelry

At first glance, it seems that many types of colored stones are not as versatile as white diamonds. But that's not true! The right jewelry with colored stones can best highlight your personality. Earrings, bracelets, rings, pendants - having several pieces of jewelry that are different in color and style, you can be sure that they will definitely match your outfits.

If you plan to wear this type of jewelry often, choose neutral shades that you think suit your style and appearance best. These can be translucent gray stones, such as hematite, tourmaline, agate or moonstone.

Lovers of gold and warm colors in clothes should pay attention to golden and brown stones, such as citrine, amber or quartz. These natural-hued stones add a cozy touch to your look and pair well with brown leather accessories.

Those who love silver and white gold should take a closer look at jewelry made from these metals, complemented with stones in cool colors. It could be topaz, lapis lazuli, emerald or amethyst.

However, you shouldn’t limit yourself to a certain palette! Add brightness to your look with jewelry with natural stones. Some gems are considered universal and are suitable for almost everyone. These include sapphire, tourmaline, garnet, topaz and aquamarine.

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Variety of shapes and sizes

Jewelry with stones is not at all old-fashioned, as many people think. Modern gemstone jewelry comes in many shapes and sizes. They can be classic - in the form of familiar geometric shapes, romantic - in the form of graceful plants, or more extravagant and fantasy, for example, without the usual cut or with interesting cuts.

Many designers and jewelers often use stones in their natural form, skillfully frame them and make jewelry as if created by nature itself. When choosing accessories with natural stones, you should not be modest, because they are created to boldly make a statement. And don’t forget, the larger the jewelry and stones, the easier it is to do this!

Kaleidoscope of shades

Pay attention to the variety of colors that are available in jewelry with stones today! Piercing blue, marshmallow pink, rich green, sunny yellow or cozy brown - this palette of shades is mesmerizing and gives us great freedom of choice. In the new season, jewelry with bright stones is considered the most fashionable. But if you are not yet ready for such bold experiments, choose deeper and muted shades. It’s better to have several different options at once, because you can never have too many decorations!

Fashionable accent

It is believed that diamonds are a girl's best friend, but jewelry with multi-colored stones can easily compete with them. They help radically transform your look! From daytime to evening, from classic to more sophisticated, not to mention that with them even the simplest outfit will sparkle in a new way. But don’t chase fashion, look for your own style and choose jewelry that will help you feel even more beautiful and stand out from the crowd!

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