Except for the flowers: the jewelry we'll be wearing this spring

Jewelery and bijouterie

A moment of inspiration for those who can't wait to start celebrating the onset of the spring-summer season. We have collected three categories of decorations (after excluding traditional floral motifs), which will be especially relevant at this time!

Monumental decorations

We are talking about statement jewelry primarily made of smooth metals. These can be vintage-style XXL-size clips, massive collar necklaces or rigid cuff bracelets.

It is recommended to wear the most noticeable jewelry with an expressive character over clothes, focusing attention on them.

It is curious that deliberately rough forms are popular as talismans (due to the direct association with armor), filling them with self-confidence and a sense of security.


The exceptional aesthetic merits of pearls are becoming quite bold this spring. Pearl necklaces and accent earrings paired with sweatshirts, T-shirts and oversized outerwear reveal new dimensions of elegance and encourage limitless creativity. You can also look towards original interpretations of pearl chokers, anklets and bracelets.

Some advice is to avoid predictable combinations (for example, a little black dress and miniature stud earrings), which in the spring may sound too boring and outdated.

Multicolored stones

An absolutely indispensable means of expression. Filled with vibrant colors and powerful natural energy, jewelry with multi-colored stones greatly lifts the mood and enhances any stylistic intentions. They can be used as a tool for making a loud statement or, conversely, associated with self-absorption and peace.

We especially appreciate this category of products for the magic of color, which can literally transform the tonality of laconic silhouettes or outfits in neutral colors with just one touch.