Pomellato Kintsugi jewelry: beautiful in every crack

Rings from the Kintsugi collection by Pomellato Jewelery and bijouterie

The Italian jewelry brand plunged into the authentic world of Japan to create a precious new interpretation of the ancient fine art "Kintsugi" in its new collection.

Pomellato adheres to strict design principles. The creative team, led by Vincenzo Castaldo, is the keeper of the spirit of founder Pino Rabolini, who in 1967 attempted to bring modernity to the world of traditional jewelry. The new Kintsugi jewelry capsule collection is in keeping with Pomellato's spirit of innovation and his constant search for rare beauty, often found in the most unexpected places.

The first Pomellato line in 2021 is based on the traditional Japanese “Kintsugi” repair technique, which uses gold resin to fuse broken pieces of porcelain. In the case of jewelry, this technique is used to repair a broken jet (petrified wood) and cacholong, and thereby turn the stone into a unique piece of jewelry, decorated with unique golden cracks.

The work of a jeweler on a ring using the Kintsugi technique. Pomellato Collection

I was drawn to the elegance of Japanese thinking and the idea that something broken becomes more valuable through this ritual of repair. The idea of ​​marking scars as a sign of strength through healing is a very modern philosophy.

Vincenzo Castaldo, Pomellato

Castaldo was fascinated by this technique when he visited Japan in 2019 in search of inspiration for a unique collection for the Pomellato Tokyo boutique. The result is an extraordinary collection where each exquisitely restored stone tells its own story.

Milan and Tokyo may be miles apart, but this project has revealed new cultural touchpoints and a vision of beauty that combines natural imperfection with centuries of craftsmanship.

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