Floral decorations in the Fiorever collection by Bulgari

Jewelery and bijouterie

The jewelry collection, which combines the words “forever” and “flower” in its name, sings the natural motif close to the brand as a constant symbol of joy and tender romance.

Refined and highly versatile, the new Fiorever jewelery features a recognizable radiant design. The Bvlgari flower is unlike any other. Inspired by the maison's favorite muse, the capital of Italy, the collection embodies the magic and boundless romance of the Eternal City in sparkling creations filled with natural elegance.

The jewelry line includes several outstanding items, among which a special place is occupied by an exclusive parure of white gold and diamonds, which includes two transformable jewelry.

This delicate necklace, set with over 6 carats of pavé diamonds, features a flower-shaped clasp, while the diamond-core pendant can be turned into a sparkling brooch.

Earrings in white gold with trails of diamonds cascading from the signature flower pattern. When the pendants are detached, the jewelry transforms into delicate four-petal stud earrings.

The parure is completed by a bracelet made of white gold and diamonds with a convenient and practical clasp hidden in a miniature flower.

Another member of Fiorever is a spiral ring that begins with a magnificent flower and ends at the other end with a petal, as if blown away by a wind whirlwind.

Symbols of effortless elegance and carelessness - a line of single flower pendants in pink or white gold, light and openwork. Diamond petals illuminate the core of sapphire or emerald in version white gold, and in the pink version, a central brilliant-cut ruby.

Comfortable and versatile, these creations reveal the unique beauty of natural gemstones in a style of casual elegance and Roman ease.

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