Watches and jewelry in the main colors of the year

Jewelery and bijouterie

At the end of last year, Pantone introduced the key colors: gray (Ultimate Gray) and yellow (Illuminating). The combination of these shades creates an inspiring color pair: yellow (or lemon-gold) gives shine and cheerfulness, while gray (or asphalt-steel) adds depth and elegance. We have compiled a selection of the most stylish pieces of jewelry made in the key colors of the current year.

A yellow diamond is the core of a precious flower, framed by a scattering of transparent diamonds. The cool silvery sheen of white gold perfectly complements the depth of the yellow hue. A graceful yet accent piece for those with an artistic taste.

Ring in white gold with diamonds Master diamond

An ironic and flirtatious bracelet reminiscent of a silver honeycomb - the perfect piece for those who love bold looks. Amber yellow "honey" and tiny bees in the form of a decor - such an accessory will definitely not go unnoticed.

Darvin Cuff Bracelet

A versatile jewelry set that includes a pendant on a chain, stud earrings and a bracelet. The combination of silver metal and yellow crystals looks cheerful, fresh and relevant. All this beauty can be worn, both together and separately, combining with other jewelry of similar shades.

Swarovski jewelry set

Yellow and gray looks appropriate not only in jewelry design, but also in watches! For example, this eye-catching piece, which combines elements of yellow gold and chrome steel, is perfect for elegant smart casual outfits. Throw in a pair of tonal gold bracelets and a trendy accessory look.

Versace watches

In this model, the contrasting combination of yellow gold and silver steel looks bold and relevant. Sport casual watches are suitable for women living in megacities who lead an active lifestyle, but at the same time want to look stylish and not boring. A versatile accessory that will make a great party, both a tracksuit and a cocktail outfit.

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