Jewelry collection of Cristiano Ronaldo and his wife is worth more than $ 3,5 million

Jewelery and bijouterie

Recently, journalists were not too lazy and calculated the cost of jewelry of the Portuguese footballer and his wife Jorina Rodriguez, who are now spending a luxurious vacation in Dubai. According to the most approximate estimates, the cost of the jewelry collection of the famous couple has reached more than $ 3,5 million! Let's talk about the most precious models.

Franck Muller watch for $ 1,6 million

The unique tourbillon is encrusted with 424 clear diamonds. However, the obscenely expensive model was criticized by the press. It is not for nothing that the influential watch publication HODINKEE almost never reviews the watches of the Swiss brand Franck Muller, considering them tasteless and unjustifiably overpriced. But Cristiano likes it!

More than $ 830K engagement ring

It is the most expensive engagement ring among those that were presented by football players to their future wives. The adornment is encrusted with a large sapphire framed by a scattering of diamonds. By the way, despite the luxurious gift, Zhorzhina was in no hurry to tie the knot. A secret wedding has been attributed to the stars hundreds of times, but these rumors have not been officially confirmed.

Rolex watch for 515 thousand dollars

The Rolex GMT Ice reaffirms the football player's passion for flashy and flashy watches. This wrist accessory is created of 18K white gold and encrusted with hundreds of 30K diamonds. This watch is considered the most expensive of the entire Rolex range.

Diamond rings for 338,7 thousand dollars

Cristiano's ring is hardly inferior to what he presented to his beloved Georgy for the engagement. In fact, he has two of them: a woman's ring with a large yellow diamond surrounded by a scattering of clear diamonds ($ 270), and a more classic ring with a path of white diamonds ($ 68,7).

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