From the tiara of the French empress to the playful brooches: incredible pieces from the Grace Kelly jewelry collection

Jewelery and bijouterie

Today we recall the most luxurious pieces of jewelry from the Hollywood star's vast jewelry collection that captured the heart of the Prince of Monaco, and the amazing stories behind each of these legendary pieces.

Love is like in a fairy tale ...

At the time of her meeting with her future husband, Prince of Monaco Rainier III, Grace Kelly was already a real star, the favorite of Alfred Hitchcock. Their love story is like a fairy tale. They met in 1955, when Grace was 28 years old, on the Cote d'Azur while filming the actress in Hitchcock's famous film To Catch a Thief. It was love at first sight! The elegant and fragile beauty won the heart of the prince, and very soon Rainier III decided to make Grace a marriage proposal.

Engagement rings of the future princess of Monaco

Not many people know, but the prince of Monaco, making an offer to his beloved, seriously violated royal traditions. First, he chose the "eternity ring" as his engagement ring - a model in which a path of precious stones (in this case, diamonds and rubies, repeating the colors of the flag of Monaco) completely wraps around the finger. According to tradition, such a decoration could only be presented on the occasion of the birth of heirs or on a wedding anniversary.

Rainier III performed the second "willfulness" just a couple of months later, when he suddenly decided to present to the bride ... a second engagement ring! Much more pompous: a classic model (like the first from Cartier) with an emerald-cut diamond weighing 10,47 carats on a platinum bezel and framed by two smaller baguette-cut stones. This legendary piece will be worn by Grace in the movie High Society, which will be her last. Today this ring is valued at $ 4,3 million.

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Jewelry collection from Cartier throughout her life, Grace Kelly will be replenished with real masterpieces (but more on them later).

Wedding tiara and necklace

The fabulous royal wedding took place on April 18, 1956. The celebration took place in the format of a private reception in Monte Carlo, at which the newly made Princess of Monaco appeared in a luxurious diamond necklace and a platinum tiara Bains de mer from Cartier with baguette-cut diamonds and three ruby ​​cabochons. And also in a diamond necklace with stones, the total weight of which reached 58 carats.

Few people know that the three main elements of the tiara Bains de mer were removable. If desired, they could be turned into earrings or brooches. Later Cartier complement this jewelry with a ring and earrings with rubies-cabochons, creating a set.

The next day, a solemn wedding took place, followed by the whole world! At the wedding, Grace Kelly appeared in a closed dress with a lace top and a voluminous skirt with a train from the designer Helen rose, which is still the standard of femininity and elegance.

Gift from Prince Rainier III to the newly made princess

On the occasion of the wedding, the Prince of Monaco presented his wife with a magnificent set Van Cleef & Arpels with pearls and diamonds. Subsequently, Grace Kelly often wore this kit for family and social events.

Soon, the jewelry house Van Cleef & Arpels will become the official jewelry supplier for the princely couple of Monaco.

All life is a game

Not surprisingly, after becoming royalty, Grace Kelly ended her acting career. However, the feeling of belonging to the cinema never left her! Perhaps that is why, until the end of her life, she gravitated towards artistic, spectacular entrances, public attention, costumed images and Hollywood-style luxurious jewelry. Here are the most legendary ones!

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Tiara Josephine Beauharnais

Another incredible head ornament in the collection of the Princess of Monaco is the Josephine Beauharnais tiara inlaid with 1 diamonds. The history of this jewelry is impressive!

The tiara was created by the French jeweler Marie-Etienne Nito (founder of the Chaumet) specially commissioned by Napoleon's first wife. After 80 years, the French government decided to sell the tiara to Van Cleef & Arpels, which still owns the jewelry to this day.

On May 27, 1966, Van Cleef & Arpels kindly loaned the tiara to Grace Kelly for the Monte Carlo Centennial Costume Ball.

Emerald necklace from the cover - another luxurious gift from her husband

The one who really spoiled his wife was Prince Rainier III of Monaco! And a year of family life did not pass without indecently expensive jewelry gifts. One of them is an incredible necklace with emeralds and diamonds.

In June 1961, Grace Kelly graced the cover of a German magazine wearing this peerless emerald necklace. Bunte.

In November 2012, the British auction house Bonhams bailed out £ 774 (about $ 410 million) for this luxurious emerald necklace.

Grace Brooches Collection

Grace Kelly was a big fan of extravagant and original brooches. So, in her collection there was a diamond brooch in the form of a poodle (a pet), brooches in the form of a golden lion cub with emerald eyes, a chicken studded with precious stones, a golden man in an oriental turban. One of Grace's favorite pieces of jewelry was a brooch with an emerald, diamonds and a huge cock-shaped pearl.

But a brooch with a more serious character occupied a special place in the princess's jewelry wardrobe. The classic flower-shaped model created by Van Cleef & Arpels is adorned with a luxurious sapphire in the center, around which the petals “bloom” in diamond placers.

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Throughout her life, Grace Kelly had a special love for two jewelry houses. Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels. Even over the years, her preferences have remained unchanged, but the style has become more restrained, elegant, somewhat even conservative.

Four-leaf clover fan

In 1975, while visiting Paris, the princess purchased two Van Cleef & Arpels necklaces. One of them was made of yellow gold with malachite pendants in the form of a four-leaf clover - a symbol of good luck, fame, wealth, love and health. The second necklace - with a massive four-leaf pendant - was inlaid with sea pearls.