Bookmark: 17 Spring and Summer Jewelry Trends You Shouldn't Miss!

Jewelery and bijouterie
We are revising our jewelry wardrobe: are we well prepared for spring? After all, it has already become warmer and I want a total renewal in everything and even in jewelry and accessories!

It seems that this trend is not afraid of either seasons or years. Pearls are back in fashion! Classic or baroque - you choose. Can be combined, as in the online Dior show: multi-strand necklaces are complemented by bezels with large baroque pearls that make them look like crowns.

Real or artificial - does not matter in principle. The designers of AZ Factory suggest using several threads of an immodest size at once, playing with the length of the necklace. At Valentino, they demonstrate a pearl ... "balaclava". And in fact, and in another case, artificial pearls, but therefore no less spectacular.


Taking inspiration from fantasy sagas, the designers create jewelry in the style of "Game of Thrones". An indispensable element of a modern look is a wreath, in its modern interpretation. Dior designers make it from rhinestones and metallic threads. At Chanel, these are artificial silk flowers (mixed with real ones). The compositions are specially collected by the Parisian atelier LemariГ ©, specializing in piece handmade accessories.

Metal bracelets

Crumpled metal or large bracelets as from pipe cuts - choose a model according to style. Rigid metal bracelets fit perfectly on the wrist, look cool with a massive watch and emphasize your femininity. Looking for inspiration at the shows of Alexander Mcqueen, Bottega Veneta and Louis Vuitton!


From necklaces to trendy headbands, beading is back! Chanel uses it to dress up imaginary country wedding heroines. Victor & Rolf suggests wearing a beaded bando reminiscent of Xena's armor of the Warrior Princess. And the designers of Armani complement the beaded and satin ribbons ... an evening haute couture look.

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Artificial flowers

Spring is the time of bloom, and the outfits from the runway shows are a vivid illustration of this. Floral hair jewelry is almost the main trend of the season! Volumetric compositions made of silk, chiffon, organza, satin ribbons, in terms of the complexity of execution, almost argue with the outfit itself. We are inspired by the courtly palace looks of Giambattista Valli and the new antiquity of Chanel, who dressed their muses from chitons into tweed twos.

Chains version 2.0

The trend, which is not the first season, is overgrown with new variations. The metal chains are getting larger, the links are larger, the metal is visually heavier. However, they are echoed by chains of other formats: woven from threads with beads strung on them from semiprecious stones, textile ropes. "Chains" made of fabric or leather? - Easily! From now on, fashionistas have access to classic options for jewelry weaving in all sorts of, sometimes even the most unexpected, interpretations.

Jewelry handbags

An elegant accessory that can only fit a lipstick (but this is not certain) is a must-have attribute of a fashionable look. Miniature handbags made of mother-of-pearl, set in metal. Clutches embroidered with river pearls. Silk bags covered with the finest beaded mesh! Fendi, Burberry, Acne Studios, Giorgio Armani - precious accessories have become part of almost all major collections of the season. It is worth wearing them as jewelry, it is unlikely that such an accessory will be functional, but beautiful - for sure!

Boho style

Totem jewelry like those of Indian leaders, almost ritual paraphernalia and accessories, a lot of natural stones, leather, wood, worn, textured metal - jewelry in the boho-chic style this season has become even closer to the roots. ChloГ © designers suggest wearing them with bright shirts with a curly collar and sundresses in the style of protective overalls. Or with lace and leather vests (we outline the images from the Christian Dior show).

Accent earrings

Statement earrings - bright, binding, accent earrings - the most ultimate accessory this season. They are worn literally with any outfit: from laconic knitted dresses to tracksuits. The more unusual the design and the brighter the decor, the better! Landmarks - disassembled by top stylists surrealistic Schiaparelli jewelry made of crumpled gold or massive pop-chic details from AZ Factory (the new brand of the legendary Alber Elbaz). The main thing is not to be ashamed of anything and create not just an outfit, but an atmosphere!

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Marine themes

The trends in the style of "I am the wave" are repeated with minor adjustments almost every summer, but this season they were literally set to the maximum. Of course, all thanks to the Versace marine collection, filled with stars, corals, shells and wet textures. Introduce ourselves as mermaids and dress up in shiny skinny dresses decorated with large sequins and add jewelry inspired by the underwater world.

Surreal decorations

Danielle Rosebery, art director of the aforementioned brand Schiaparelli, continues the traditions of its founder. Elsa Schiaparelli would surely have loved his surreal jewelry. They are spectacular and catchy, it is no coincidence that they are chosen by style icons, pop divas and just women with charisma, including Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian. Perhaps only Iris van Herpen could beat Rosebury. She dressed her models in futuristic "kokoshniks": kinetic compositions made of plastic and metal, with every step the models came into motion and literally mesmerized.

Long necklaces

In the 1930s, they were called sautoir. Long necklaces with pendants or medallions, tiered and single strand have become part of many jewelry collections. Lovers of romantic looks can combine them with summer sundresses, fringed vests or jeans, and real trendsetters with sports backgammon and minimalistic dresses.

Murano glass and fabric

Designers focus on materials that are not often attracted to jewelers. So, in Fendi shows, catchy Murano glass jewelry is soloed: giant earrings, rings and brooches (not only for women, but also for men), as well as hairpins and headbands. Powerful girandole earrings, handcrafted in colored glass, set the tone for many looks.

Large earrings and pendants made of gathered textiles are a hit of the La Double J. collection.Such jewelry will help to create a fresh, bright and non-trivial look. Laconic brooches made of fabric are found in the collections of Saint Laurent and Chanel.

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Rough stones, crystals, natural stones of irregular, natural shape - they are the ones that show off in all the most trendy jewelry of the season. The type of jewelry is not important, be it a pendant, ring or bracelet. Even style doesn't matter: from smart casual to sporty chic. It is only necessary that the detail stands out, striking. There is a simple rule that allows you to shift the emphasis to such decoration: choose an outfit in a neutral tone. Against this background, textured, eye-catching minerals will look even more impressive.


Fashion for catchy, noticeable things is back! We wear rhinestones, large multi-colored prints and glossy metal again. Following the 1970s, the next decade is now at its peak, the 1980s. We choose massive, accent jewelry and are not afraid to combine metals of different shades in one outfit, also adding bright accessories to them, such as hair bands, plastic visors, key rings ... Do you remember your first multi-colored leggings? They are back in the seasonal wardrobe!

Plastic jewelry

Plastic tubes go to bracelets and chokers. Moreover, they must be bright, and better neon colors - as at the Versace show. A more familiar option is offered by ChloГ © stylists: both the colors are not so catchy, and the design is more laconic. Of course, plastic, as a material, is clearly not in favor today (fighters for the environment will confirm), so it is better to choose jewelry from recycled materials, which are now being produced more and more.


We mix badges and brooches - the more, the beam. We put on all this beauty asymmetrically: on one lapel, sleeve, pocket. You can attach them to a T-shirt or a laconic, plain dress. The main thing is that they should be as different as possible. We use both vintage and Soviet brooches inherited from our grandmother, and modern craft, and badges with the inscription “punk's not dead”.