8 best jewelry brands made in Russia

Jewelery and bijouterie

Many people think that Russian designers “fall short”, that there is no jewelry industry in Russia. In fact, these are largely stereotypes from the Soviet past. Today the situation has changed dramatically. Firstly, the Cyrillic alphabet (and therefore everything Russian) is fashionable. Secondly, Russian designers now not only keep up with world trends, but also create truly original, bright and incredibly stylish things. We have compiled a list of the coolest jewelry brands marked "made in Russia".

Did you know that the 47th element of the periodic table is silver? The creators of the Element47 by JV brand know chemistry well, which is why they chose this name. It is not hard to guess what metal all the brand's jewelry is made of. Element47 designers follow global trends, experiment and surprise!

Decorations in the style of minimalism and avant-garde are intertwined in different author's and designer's interpretations. Silver rings, bracelets, earrings, brooches amaze with their fancy shapes and combinations. Element47 is not afraid of bold experiments and daring decisions, combinations of various materials and textures.


The hybrid brand name "Art-Modern" speaks for itself! The jewelry company creates luxurious premium jewelry in the Art Nouveau and Art Deco styles, with its own unique style. The refined and elegant design immediately attracts attention. And since modernity is experiencing a rebirth today, jewelry in this style is more relevant than ever.

Firstly, they are universal: the products are not provocatively fashionable and at the same time not too conservative. Secondly, these are jewelry, which, as you know, are appropriate in any life situation: from a business meeting to a romantic dinner. Thirdly, they look incredibly elegant, and real femininity and sensuality are timeless.

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Trendy jewelry from a young Russian brand is worn by both stars and fashion bloggers. Despite its relatively young age (the company was founded in 2012), WANNA? BE! have already established themselves as real trendsetters in the segment of youth jewelry. Here you can find flirty, relatively inexpensive items and luxurious evening decorations.

The brand combines the brightest trends and styles in its collections. In addition, WANNA? BE! - this is an ideal example of modern women's entrepreneurship, because the creator of the brand, Irina Stroynova, plunged into a new business for herself from scratch, risked everything and made the right decision, but created a brand that all fashionistas of generation Z (and not only) wear with pleasure!


For more than 20 years, the original and recognizable design, as well as bright and unexpected jewelry combinations, have provided the Kabarovsky brand with success in the segment of designer jewelry. Massive shapes, intricate lines, intricate design elements and fantasy motifs are embedded in the DNA of the Jewelry House.

By the way, the creators of the brand are not alien to the sense of humor, and therefore earrings with funny squirrels, bracelets decorated with frogs, and multi-colored cheerful fruit-pendants periodically appear in the collections. Ideal jewelry for bright and self-confident persons with a sense of subtle self-irony.


Alchemia Jewelery is a complex minimalism and a combination of the most unexpected forms, materials and elements. The young brand was created by architects Igor and Katerina Komov. Each piece of jewelry is the result of painstaking and reverent work of the authors, each piece of jewelry has its own deep meaning, a piece of the designer's soul.

Crocuses, sakura, peonies are abstract and laconic floral motifs. Fancy shapes and unusual textures. In Alchemia, everyone will discover something new and original. Silver jewelry of this brand will fall in love with you at first sight, because each one is filled with a special meaning.

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Jewelry of the Russian jewelry house "Aldzena" can be recognized from thousands of jewelry. Floral and animal motifs with Spanish designs and special style. Each piece of jewelry is a complex, author's work of art, embodying the fantasies of jewelers.

Earrings, rings, pendants, brooches and even piercings in the form of flowers, touching angels, and birds send us back to the Baroque era. At the same time, the designers of "Aldzena" embody modern trends through the original, fantasy design. Jewelry made from gold and silver of this jewelry brand wants to get even the most sophisticated fashionistas into their collection!


ArtAuro is a Russian jewelry brand that skillfully “plays” with natural stones and minerals. Still would! After all, the company was created on the basis of a tiny mineralogical club. ArtAuro jewelers masterfully work with diamonds, rock crystal, topaz and other precious stones. The brand encrusts only the best, purest and most beautiful stones in its jewelry.

The dazzling shine of ArtAuro jewelery stones will complement any look and wardrobe. Brand jewelry for those who love precious stones and minerals of impeccable shape, purity and color!