It's already possible! 8 jewelry taboos that are trending now

Jewelery and bijouterie

Rules are there to be broken, and modern fashion only proves this contradictory phenomenon. Much of what has been considered bad manners for years, decades and even centuries is today a sign of sophisticated taste. Collected 8 cult prohibitions, which have finally lost their relevance. From now on, we act by contradiction!

1. Gold + silver = bad taste.

Back in the early 2000s, stylists ultimately assured that mixing metals of different shades in one image is a sign of bad taste. Jewelry was selected in the same color scheme to match the color of accessories on clothes or a bag.

Today, the world's leading brands refute this fashionable archaism and not only combine jewelry made of all kinds of metals with each other, but also use materials of different shades in one product. From now on, no one picks up earrings to match the color of the zipper on the purse. Red and yellow gold, silver and platinum look incredibly stylish in one outfit.

2. Wearing a lot of jewelry is bad form.

"Poor thing, she put on all the best at once!" - the heroines of the series "Downton Abbey" whispered arrogantly when a lady came out in excessively abundant accessory attire. More than a century has passed since the historical era that the series reproduces, and the strictest "rule of three decorations" has finally been erased into powder.

The revolutionary Coco Chanel began to undermine it, however, the subsequent war years and the elegant new look of Christian Dior briefly returned the fashion to classic jewelry etiquette. But already in the 80s, this taboo was almost overthrown.

Layering, self-expression and contrast are the main trends in modern jewelry style. Multilayer chains with several pendants, rings and signet rings for all fingers, bracelets in combination with watches - all this is as relevant as ever.

3. Pearls must be perfectly round.

Round pearls in jewelry have always been considered a standard, a quality standard to which all craftsmen and manufacturers aspired. Symmetrical white pearl pearls have been a sign of high wealth and status for many centuries.

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Today they are replaced by whimsical baroque pearls of the most intricate shapes and uneven textures. It shines mysteriously in top jewelry brands. And the more asymmetrical its form, the more interesting and brighter the image becomes.

4. Jewelry cannot be combined with costume jewelry.

“People with good taste wear costume jewelry. Everyone else has to wear gold, ”- the ironic quote of the already mentioned Coco especially reflects the spirit of the new time. I produce jewelry by cult fashion houses - the same Chanel, as well as Dior, Versace, Gucci and many others. Tiffany has created a special metal called rubedo - an alloy of gold, copper and silver, which is much cheaper and lighter than conventional materials. Yes, this is not plastic, however, such a metal cannot be traditionally considered precious.

Stylists and buyers adore new jewelry - deliberately bright, catchy, with large decorative elements or, conversely, minimalistic, almost invisible - and skillfully fit it into the image, combining it with precious metals and expensive stones.

5. Beads are worn only by grandmothers, and beaded baubles are worn by teenagers.

Long beads made from alternative materials - natural stones, beads, threads - have left the grandmother's box and now proudly adorn the necks of the most fashionable trend setters around the world. Their deliberate coarseness is supported by baubles, multi-colored chokers, bracelets with charm-pendants in the form of “simple-minded” chamomile hearts - jewelry that used to be considered attributes of exclusively teenage fashion. The age limit in the world of accessories, if not canceled, then at least expanded in both directions. So do not be afraid to choose a model that is not for age.

6. Chandelier earrings and necklaces - special occasion jewelry.

Special occasion is a stable phrase in English that means a solemn event: a dinner party, a reception, a ceremony, etc. If this phrase appears in the invitation (it can be indicated either instead of or in addition to the dress code), then the choice of attire must be approached especially carefully.

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It used to be thought that massive, eye-catching jewelry should only be worn for a special occasion. Today this rule, if not completely abolished, has at least lost its sanctimonious severity.

Chandelier earrings have found a place in the basic jewelry wardrobe of many famous fashionistas, and massive necklaces (it was only necessary to replace precious stones with crystals) have become indispensable "partners" for bulky sweaters and blouses in casual style. Combine necklaces with stones with chains and pendants, and chandelier earrings can even be worn with sneakers.

7. Pins, spikes and skulls are for punks.

For decades, the red-haired rebel Vivienne Westwood, considered the ancestor of the punk style in fashion, has tried to prove that rivets and spikes, combined with tartan checks and ripped tights, can be worn not only by fans of Sex Pistols. However, the shocking appeals of the designer were alien to the mass audience.

But today the rules have changed. Punk elements are present in every second jewelry collection, at least in the form of crosses, skulls and over the popular choker collars. From now on, tough girls wear them with sports leggings, deliberately oversized bomber jackets and provocative crop tops. The safety pin has become an unofficial symbol of androgynous brevity. Earrings in the form of pins and chains with their use are worn by both boys and girls.

8. Brooches are boring.

Brooches are new black. The fashion for this accessory literally blew up the world catwalks several years ago and is not going to give up its positions. Playful pop art pins or baroque cameos, fishnet, enamel or mosaic brooches adorn berets, jeans, sweaters and even trouser belts. And there are no restrictions on quantity and style, especially since both contrast and deliberate abundance are also in fashion.