Role model: accent earrings like Elsa Hosk

Jewelery and bijouterie

Feeling that the most magical night of the year is quickly approaching, we decided to more actively share New Year's inspiration. Ideal role models include successful model and designer Elsa Hosk, who ideally masters the art of pairing statement vintage-style earrings with cutting-edge outfits.

We offer three cool stylistic techniques that are quite easy to repeat, despite the impressive size of the jewelry!

Heart motive

A voluminous heart, which is often duplicated in the format of a large pendant on a cord, is distinguished by its special charm and unlimited stylistic potential. Possessing a recognizable silhouette, it can be used both as an emotional statement decoration and as a special form of self-expression. It makes sense to complement the most laconic dresses in natural colors with such earrings or, for example, to refresh classic trouser suits of a men's cut.

Classic 80's

We are talking about traditional round clip-on earrings or their imitation. Adherents of strict minimalism and those who prefer to use one accent decoration instead of a complex combination will appreciate it. They are also suitable for solving the problem of instantly transforming an everyday look into a slightly more elegant one: familiar trousers and a turtleneck will take on an elegant sound in just one touch.

The high level of versatility (the decoration can be adapted even to a sporty style), timeless relevance (they will never go out of style) and ease of application deserve special mention.

Strict geometry

A variation on the theme of spectacular contrasts. Square or triangular earrings will come in handy for fans of airy, voluminous looks based on relaxed silhouettes. If we are talking about trouser sets, then they will add character, appropriate firmness and some stability. If you look towards weightless slip dresses, then a filigree play on contrast will emphasize fragility and sophistication.

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A bonus is increased attention to the portrait area, which is especially important for strapless outfits (sheath dresses and stocking dresses) and basic items of a simple cut (favorite white T-shirts and long sleeves).