Between gold and silver - what to choose

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Just like day and night, gold and silver are opposites that always seem to go together. Since both silver and gold have always been valued, easily forged, skin-friendly and durable, they are the most common metals used to make quality jewelry that is valued throughout the world.

Some women love the sunny sheen of gold, while others prefer the moonlight sheen of silver. And some of us can't decide...

While you definitely don't have to make a strict choice between gold and silver, there are a few tips that you can put into practice.

Gold earrings with pendants PLATINA Jewelry with cubic zirkonia
Gold earrings with pendants PLATINA Jewelry with cubic zirkonia

It's no secret that we wear jewelry as an extension of our natural beauty to feel radiant. And while it's not a hard and fast rule, the right tone of jewelry can accentuate your look, while the wrong tone can make your beauty look pale.

Generally speaking, if your skin has a cool undertone, silver jewelry will accentuate your natural glow. On the other hand, solid gold or vermel jewelery can add extra sparkle to warm tones.

How to know your tone? There are several different ways to find out. You can check your veins on the underside of your wrist; veins appear bluish on cold skin types and greenish on warm skin types.

You can also wear a white T-shirt or hold a piece of paper up to your face. This will either accentuate cool skin tones (like blueberries and raspberries) or warm tones (like mangoes, olives, and pumpkins).

There are few people with a more neutral tone who can easily switch between gold and silver. However, regardless of your skin tone, you can wear both gold and silver jewelry using clothing to complement your natural color.

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Volume ring basic FJORD A-20
Volume ring basic FJORD A-20

Your clothes are an important factor when it comes to choosing jewelry for your collection. Once again, color temperature comes into play. If the whole idea of ​​warm and cool still seems confusing, there is one very simple rule. If the color leans more towards blue, it is cold. If the color is closer to orange, it is warm. But keep in mind that there are cool oranges like deep red-orange and warm blues like bright turquoise blue.

So if your wardrobe is dominated by warm tones, gold-tone jewelry will harmonize and can subtly tie your outfits together. Silver jewelry, such as a simple sterling silver necklace, will stand out a lot. The same logic applies to the cold tones of the wardrobe.