Trend of the season - bracelets over sleeves or gloves

Jewelery and bijouterie

No one will argue that active bracelets over clothes have become the main trend of the autumn-winter season. Perhaps the whole thing is in the current weather conditions, suggesting an abundance of dense fabric in several layers. Perhaps it's all the fault of Anthony Vaccarello and his rethinking of the jewelry aesthetics of the 80s in the latest collections of Saint Laurent.

Be that as it may, we repeat: for the next couple of years, it is the bracelet, as an element of the basic jewelry wardrobe, that will become a good investment. So, a couple of stylistic decisions that are appropriate both in the daytime and in the evening can come in handy. Let's talk!

Day option

Universal reception for any occasion. For its embodiment, an image in a laconic style based on a simple plain dress, a turtleneck with a high neck or a classic cashmere jumper is best suited. Of the decorations - only a catchy large-shaped bracelet. It can be one product or several at once, for one wrist or a bracelet for each hand.

Such a stylistic decision will enliven and refresh a monochrome outfit, give it a visual nobility and at the same time will not affect its practicality or functionality.

For inspiration, you can turn not only to Saint Laurent. A similar reception was seen at Alaïa, Rick Owens and Louis Vuitton shows.

Evening option

This stylistic decision is closely related to the cinema and the latest shows of the house of Gucci. In this case, it is proposed to wear bracelets over long gloves in the best traditions of old Hollywood. Despite the dramatic reception, it is surprisingly versatile: it can be used both in evening looks with luxurious floor-length dresses, and in more casual options with a coat or other outerwear.

Also, don't limit yourself to bracelets alone. In the same way, you can wear rings or rings. The main thing is to follow the correspondence between the size of the jewelry and the material of the gloves (the denser it is, the more massive the jewelry should be).

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