Jewelry trends: “dancing” earrings

Jewelery and bijouterie

We continue to reflect on the topic of the most fashionable jewelry. One of the unexpected things on the list of jewelry must-haves are large-sized “dancing” earrings. Their peculiarity is the most movable design made of many precious parts that literally come to life, following the beat of your movements.
Previously, we noticed them exclusively on the red carpet, but now we have good reason to adapt them to our everyday life.

Which ones to choose?

First of all, let's define the restrictions - after all, special circumstances, atmosphere and time must be attached to multi-carat works of High Jewelry and earrings of extreme sizes. If we talk about more everyday jewelry, then these are options with a simplified design and/or the absence of a large number of precious stones (they may be replaced by crystals or semi-precious minerals). Long shoulder-length chain earrings and textured chandeliers (including those in multi-colored designs) deserve special attention.

What to combine?

Of course, large earrings are easiest to use as a single statement piece. They greatly focus attention on the portrait area, which is especially important for dresses and tops without straps, as well as for basic men’s cut suits.

If you complement the “dancing earrings” with other jewelry, then it makes sense to look in the direction of rings and massive bracelets. They will not overload the image and will not conflict with each other.

How to style?

We appreciate “dancing” earrings for their mobility, dynamics and solemn sound. This is precisely why they are so wonderful as a tool for instant transformation, when you need to literally transform a strict dress code, a denim set or a basic dress in a natural color scheme with just one touch.

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Another ideal scenario for decoration is an unexpectedly successful combination with voluminous outerwear (including fur) or outfits in the spirit of modern minimalism.