Under the tree: gifts for girls for the New Year

Jewelery and bijouterie

New Year is the time when real miracles happen! The little ones under the Christmas tree are waiting for gifts from Santa Claus, but older girls are not so easy to surprise. We have selected jewelry that will be a wonderful New Year's gift for young princesses!

Children's silver fork and spoon

The youngest members of the family, who are not yet interested in jewelry, can be presented with cutlery made of steel or silver. The baby will definitely like them and turn the feeding process into an exciting game! In addition, such devices can be bought as a gift to friends who have recently become parents. For example, it has always been customary to give a silver spoon for the “first tooth” of a baby, and in addition to it, you can add a fork - for the future!

Children's watch Disney by RFS Princess Anna

Older girls are harder to please. However, all children, without exception, sooner or later become interested in watches. Seize the moment! Help your child learn to tell the time by turning this process into an exciting game! Put a clock under the Christmas tree, which will become not only a practical attribute of "adult life", but also a stylish accessory! Girls will surely like models of delicate shades or with the image of the heroines of their favorite cartoons. However, now there are many universal models.

Japanese watch Casio Baby-G Hello Kitty Limited Models BA-120KT-7A with chronograph

The choice of New Year's gifts for young ladies is limited only by your imagination. Now the jewelry market presents children's jewelry for every taste and budget. Perhaps the most versatile gift is a pendant. Even if the girl has a lot of jewelry, one more pendant will definitely not be superfluous!

Gold pendant with diamond, mother-of-pearl, jewelry glass / Gold pendant with cubic zirconia
Gold brooch with cubic zirconia, black cubic zirconia

No less original New Year's present will be such a piece of jewelry as a brooch. These accessories are back in fashion and are very popular with adult girls, because they help to quickly and effortlessly transform any outfit! A young fashionista will surely like a funny brooch studded with sparkling stones or decorated with bright enamel, which can decorate a dress, hat and even a winter coat.

Catena Bead Bracelet with Quartz

However, little fashionistas have another trend borrowed from adults - the fashion for bracelets. Simple, layered, with or without charms, leather, rubber, metal or beads - among this variety you will easily find the one that your little one will love! The main thing is to choose models with adjustable length, and then this accessory will be able to “grow” along with its mistress.

Children's silver stud earrings (studs) with enamel

If the girl's ears are already pierced, put stylish children's earrings under the Christmas tree. What it will be - laconic studs in the form of hearts, funny hares or more voluminous and bright earrings in the form of birds or ladybugs - you decide. In any case, this accessory will definitely please the young fashionista and become her favorite decoration!