Dress uniforms, feathers and time travel: the High Jewelry creations everyone is talking about

Jewelery and bijouterie

Let's return to the results of Paris Fashion Week, paying special attention to its precious details.
Jewelry pieces deserve special mention, giving incredible visual pleasure and setting trends for the coming year.

Time and stones

The emphasis on stones of exceptional performance is particularly evident in the Laurasia piece from Louis Vuitton's Deep Time collection. Featuring seven tiers of platinum, rose and yellow gold, 270 uniquely cut diamonds and 34 emerald-cut diamonds, the enchanting necklace features the House's signature V-shaped motif and showcases a stunning yellow diamond weighing a total of 5,02 carats.

Let us remind you that the Deep Time collection illustrates the history of the journey of precious stones, from the birth of the planet to the creation of life, prompting us to reflect that sometimes a stone of exceptional beauty does not need a provocatively complex design. By the way, the EdelStein company professes the same reverent attitude towards precious materials, focusing on the hypnotic charm of perfect stones.

Live nature

This is unchangeable. Living nature in all its manifestations will always serve as perhaps the main source of inspiration for jewelers. First of all, it's incredibly beautiful. Secondly, it is meaningful: jewelry appeals to elegant associations, tells amazing stories and serves, if not a statement, then a message to the whole world or exclusively to your surroundings.

Examples include De Beers transformable rings dedicated to eight African animals (lion, elephant, leopard, zebra, giraffe, rhinoceros, antelope and bison), as well as Chaumet creations, united by the motif of flight and the image of a bird.

Ceremonial decorations

Drawing on the heritage of Frédéric Boucheron and drawing inspiration from ceremonial attire and dress uniforms, the House of Boucheron presented medals, buttons, embroidery and aiguillettes with a precious interpretation. Experts especially liked the rock crystal tie, which is as resilient as a grosgrain ribbon (2 hours of durability). Epaulets turned into bracelets (working time - 600 hours), a necklace decorated with pennants and 960 medals (working time - 15 hours), as well as a lace collar with diamonds (working time - 2230 hours) were highly appreciated.

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If earlier we talked about the return of the aesthetics of the 80s and 90s, as well as the loud old money trend, now it makes sense to look towards the Royal Treasury in London, choosing an affordable alternative to the jewelry presented there.