How and with what to wear pearls - options and presentation in images

Jewelery and bijouterie

Some jewelry can always add a sophisticated touch to the image. These include white, black, pink pearls. The association that arises with him is elegance. It is still relevant in modern fashion, the classic version is a thin short thread. To create ideal images, you need to be able to wear these stones correctly, to know when long and short beads are appropriate.

Pearls in fashion and history

Pearls, both natural and artificial, an essential attribute of Chanel's favorite home decorations.

Pearl jewelry on the catwalks

pearl jewelry on the catwalks

Style icons: Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly, Jacqueline Kennedy - loved and often used pearl necklaces.

Modern star divas also prefer jewelry with him to enter the Red Carpet, triumph and in everyday ensembles.

Sarah Jessica Parker Pearl Necklaces

large pearl strings

dark strings of pearls in star shapes

What to look for when choosing

But before you make an image, you should figure out how to choose pearls. After all, it is natural and artificial, sea and river. On this depends on its appearance, cost.

Natural pearl is most appreciated. And this is not surprising. It is he who more often has the properties that make it an exquisite decoration:

  • These pearls have the most intense brilliance and rich color. Black, pink, white, cream - it seems that they glow from the inside.
  • Freshwater pearls are rarely regular rounded. Of course, the sea may not be perfect, but still its form in most cases approaches the desired one.
  • The river is more durable - in a few years it will retain its soft radiance, while the sea may fade.

images with pearls

When choosing such jewelry it is important to consider your age and the event for which it is selected.

long pearl necklace images of starsoptions for using pearl thread

Large pearls on a young girl looks completely inappropriate. A woman about 30 years he will add more than one extra year. Stylists recommend wearing these jewelry correctly:

  • The younger the woman, the smaller the diameter should be chosen. For the youngest, it should not exceed 6,5 mm.
  • For women of about 30 age, pearls with a diameter of 8 mm will do.
  • After 40, you can allow yourself to wear pearls the size of 9 mm.
  • And after 50, you can safely wear a pearl necklace with a diameter of 10 mm.

pearl beads

But what color to give preference to depends on the type of appearance, style of clothing and, of course, financial capabilities. After all, black and, especially, pink pearls are found in nature much less frequently than the more familiar white. As a result, their products are much more expensive.

Pearl Thread in Sarah Jessica Parker Kits

With different kits

Of course, to choose high-quality natural sea or freshwater pearls is not enough. You need to be able to wear it properly. And this is not as easy as it may seem. It would seem - the thread you like and any elegant costume - that’s the refined look is ready. The problem is that it is possible to cause associations with aged women. To avoid this, it is recommended to view the photo and pay attention to the following tips:

  • Short and medium pearl beads are best to wear to business suits and casual wear.
  • Longs go well with evening wear.
  • Be careful with pastel tones in clothes. It is better to choose a black or other dark shade, or, on the contrary, bright and play on the contrast.
  • The main set should be fairly restrained - no rhinestones, sequins and other decor.
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Business style

Pearls in coats

But how to wear pearls to make only a favorable impression? Fortunately, in the modern fashionable world this jewelry stone has not lost its relevance, especially natural sea stone. White and even black can perfectly complement an office-style ensemble, as the photos show.

A strict black or dark blue suit and a white blouse will go harmoniously with the decoration. In this case, not very long threads are especially appropriate. Moreover, you can wear them both on top of a shirt and under the collar. In the second option, the image will be more interesting: pearl beads peeking out from under the blouse look original and intriguing. They make a soft accent on the neckline.

pearls in business images

Modern fashion is quite democratic. That is why pearl jewelry is appropriate not only at a party with a strict dress code, but in everyday life. Combining classic and casual style, you can get truly wonderful looks.

jackets and pearl necklace

Young girls should not wear pearls along with a jacket - it looks too “adult” and status.

Chanel pearl necklaces

Casual Images

It seems that exquisite natural sea pearls, is it black or other color, can not be worn with jeans? In fact, this combination is quite acceptable. It is in the everyday style of pearl jewelry, moderately long, now the most appropriate. With this option, no one blames you for old-fashionedness.

Just be sure to look at the photo and think over the rest of the details of clothing. For example, a lace top and beige pumps will look stylish. Discreet jewelry completes the trendy look. It looks especially interesting if the pearl necklace consists of more than one thread. And you can combine black and white colors.

pearls and jeans

Of course, it is not necessary to wear such beads exclusively with a lace top. A variety of t-shirts and shirts can create an unexpected contrast, resulting in a bright outfit.

long strings of pearls

Best of all, if such a thing is monotonous. But there are exceptions: the shirt can be checkered or in peas, as the photo shows. Denim shirt will also look original in such an ensemble. If the shirt is checkered, then it is desirable that the print is not larger than the diameter of the pearls.

pearls with blouses and shirts

Jeans can be easily replaced with any other trousers, pencil skirt or even shorts. It will be especially piquant if the bottom matches the shade of the necklace. An interesting option that can be popular in cool weather is natural sea pearls in the form of beads made from several strands together with a cardigan or jumper, as the photo shows. They can be either long or short.

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You can choose any color, the main thing is that it is not variegated. It is recommended to wear such a set with boots. Cute jewelry will be a good addition.

pearls with cardigan

Evening ensemble and retro style

feminine images

Whether or not to wear such beads with evening dresses, the woman herself decides. Someone may say that this is not relevant, but this is a time-tested classic. A little black dress and neat sea pearls are the simplest and most obvious combination.

with black dress

If this option is still to your liking, then you should choose not a short string around the neck, but long beads.

pearls in photo shoots

With an evening dress, the so-called collar looks good - 3 or more strings of pearls wrapped around the neck. Especially if attire V-shaped neckline and open back.

Black top with pants or skirt could well replace the dress. Be that as it may, rather long beads tied in a knot will look harmonious with a festive outfit. And the node can be formed in different ways, the photo will tell you how to do it better. Another option is to wear long beads to the solemn event, you can wear them, creating loops of different lengths.

how to wear long strings of pearls

Alternatively, pearls can be chosen as a theme for a wedding celebration.

wedding pearls

Natural sea pink or white pearls are perfect for retro style looks in the spirit of the 20s: for photo or video shooting, themed parties or simply when using elements of this style.

pearls in 20's images

For example, you can wear a dress with a floral print, long elegant threads will approach it.

with floral print

It doesn’t have to be a necklace at all; as an option, the top embroidered with artificial pearls fully corresponds to the spirit of the beginning or middle of the last century. But jewelry in a similar way will be superfluous.

pearl decor

Turning to the classics, any woman will be able to create elegant and elegant images. Natural or cultured pearls, black, pink or white - the stone does not lose its value in our day. For many, it will become a favorite and basic decoration.