Jewelry maximalism: three examples for every day

Jewelery and bijouterie

We tell you how to tame and easily repeat an established trend, adapting an abundance of jewelry to your everyday life. Quote verbatim or use for inspiration!


Focusing on the portrait area, we put on several earrings at the same time (for example, identical jewelry or pieces from the same collection, but of different sizes). To achieve maximum effect, add bright cuffs (they can also be used as a replacement if multiple punctures are not part of your plans).

Other safe solutions include selecting items with a common motif (for example, floral or animalistic) from materials that are similar in color and texture. At the same time, bold experiments with jewelry in different styles are warmly welcomed (for example, classic earrings with pearls + massive items with multi-colored crystals + statement-making pieces made of bright metal).


A particularly graceful form of self-expression. Not knowing where to start, turn to basic rings made of smooth metal, gradually “saturating” the jewelry combination with products with precious stones, crystals and minerals. Jewelry decorated with multi-colored enamel is also suitable (fans of images in natural tones will especially like it as an active color inclusion).

If you want to make a loud statement, products with hidden meanings (rings with letters, inscriptions, symbols), as well as massive rings reminiscent of family jewels, will come in handy.


Probably the simplest and most understandable technique that does not require instructions for use. It’s enough to wear several of your favorite necklaces at once, focusing solely on your feelings and goals. If you want to add personality to your look or share an important message, then jewelry with pendants (symbols, letters and numbers) will come in handy. To this category we will add products with precious stones and minerals, which can be used, among other things, as talismans.

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We will also pay attention to all sorts of combinations based on chokers in the style of the early 2000s and ultra-modern combinations of a large number of colored or colorless crystals in the spirit of Giovanna Batalha-Engelbert.