What jewelry and accessories will not age - fashion for aged ladies

Jewelery and bijouterie

Let's play association! Woman, age, accessories. What comes to mind is an elderly lady in a pearl necklace and hat, a middle-aged lady with heavy rings made of natural stones on her fingers, a grandmother in a headscarf. In my understanding, accessories, like clothes, should not make people over 60 look younger; they should speak about the high level of vital energy of their owner, her openness to the world, and her ability to perceive new things.


If heavy neck jewelry made of natural stones is associated with age, then you can wear fashionable large earrings. How to determine which earrings are relevant? I suggest visiting websites that sell designer clothes and jewelry, such as farfetch. In the jewelry section, choose earrings and see what shapes and colors are on trend. Afterwards, you can look for similar jewelry online or in online stores at reasonable prices.

Today the following earring models are in fashion:

  • Cuffs.
  • Accent large earrings.
  • Mono earring.
  • Asymmetrical earrings.
  • Pearl hoop earrings.
  • Volumetric hoop earrings.
  • Earrings in the shape of needles, stars, hearts, chains.


Many celebrities in the fashion world use glasses as a stylistic feature. Glasses not only add a chic look, but also correct age-related changes on the face. Bags and swelling under the eyes will not be so noticeable even with ordinary glasses. It is important to choose the right form, but it is acceptable to be a little shocking and play with the form, as, for example, Veronique Tristram did.

Glasses and style
Glasses and style
Glasses and style


It is difficult to talk about sexuality after 60 years, but there are women who are not just active, but who radiate sexual energy. An example of such a woman is Grece Ghanem. One of the tasks at one “beauty marathon” was to demonstrate your sexual energy not with the help of revealing outfits, but in a different way.

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What was most surprising was the woman who simply slowly took the gloves off her hands. And she was many years old, and she didn’t want to say anything by this, but she simply had energy and age was not a hindrance. Chains, like jewelry, unlike pearls, carry the energy of life and sex.

Chains fashion trend

Modern bags and shoes

Old-fashioned bags are just a disaster for an adult lady. Even a dress that is 20 years old will not spoil the impression as much as out-of-fashion shoes or a bag can. Therefore, we carefully study trends and buy current models of bags and shoes. It is important not to buy fakes, but you can buy models inspired by the work of famous designers.

Stylish accessory rules
Stylish accessory rules
Stylish accessory rules

Stylistic "chips"

How can you add dynamics to your look without buying anything? We use styling features and a modern way of wearing things. For example, most adult women do not tuck their sweaters and blouses into their trousers, but they do. In the first photo, Linda Wright undid the bottom button on her cardigan, revealing a belt buckle.

Elegant looks over 50

The way you carry bags and whether you roll up or not roll up your sleeves also changes from season to season. This year you will be on trend if you take the bag in your hand and press it to your body.

How to carry a bag

Many women of an elegant age like to wear stoles, as if scarves and scarves hide age-related changes in the neck, but here it is also important to follow fashion. Today, long scarves are in fashion, which do not need to be wrapped around the neck; just throw one end of the scarf back. And the most fashionable thing is to use a sweater instead of a scarf, but this is for advanced fashionistas.

Style for women over 50
Style for women over 50


Scarves can be included in the look if the rest of the set does not look old-fashioned. That is, there is no need to add a square scarf to a formal suit. And the color of the scarf is also important. You can often see a bunch of colorful scarves at sales in stores, but you definitely don’t need to buy them. Stylish colors are the first to go. Choose accessories with current prints or plain scarves.

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Hand jewelry

We don’t wear old-fashioned rings, unless you don’t care if they give you 60 years instead of 80. Heirloom jewelry is great, but combine it with modern shapes if you can or avoid them for now.

Hand jewelry

Fashion Items

You can't call a vest an accessory, but a patch collar can. If you have the ability to pick out the most fashionable things from the masses, then be sure to add them to your wardrobe.

Fashion trends for women
Fashion trends for women

Fashion scarves

It is impossible to find greater respect and admiration among young people than playing with trendy accessories. Moreover, accessories are an inexpensive way to be fashionable. Inflated and fur scarves are still in trend.

Fashion scarves

Trendy colors

Adult women are often afraid of color. Beige-milky or bright neon pink color does not age. Follow color trends.

Jewelry with modern clothes

Let's say you have that same pearl necklace or other massive jewelry in your box. Wear it with modern pieces, like Rossella Jardini did when she paired a chunky necklace with a vest and biker jacket.


With hats, as in the status about relationships, “everything is complicated.” Here you may often need the help of a professional who will select a headdress based on your face shape and style. Because you can say “buy a Panama hat,” but it must fit smartly, otherwise you will end up with, at best, an unfortunate country look.

Stylish hats
Stylish hats
Stylish hats

fashionable accessories

Playing with trends can be dangerous unless you're Lyn Slater. Children's hairpins and veils will not make you look younger; you can wear them only if your goal is to shock society with your cheerful old age.

The main thing is to try to love your age. Be inspired by those who know how to appreciate life. They are called style icons because they look at them with admiration and gratitude for their confidence, because you need to love and decorate yourself at any age.