How to Wear Chunky Jewelry Every Day

Jewelery and bijouterie

We couldn’t ignore the luxurious Giovanna Batalha-Engelbert and her masterly ability to adapt Swarovski jewelry to suit her everyday life. We share stylistic tricks involving especially large-sized products, which can be used as a visual example or an idea for creative experiments.

Trick #1

If you are looking for an eloquent form of self-expression, try a combination of several large bracelets in different styles and with a different motif. We suggest starting with two or three pieces of jewelry in the same color scheme (for example, yellow gold), but with different visual accents (focus on the gemstone/emphasis on the unusual shape/contrasting material).

Unfortunately, the trick does not provide clear instructions for use, but the best solution is to experiment and combine different bracelets until it looks good.

Trick #2

The most universal stylistic device is the use of two wide cuff bracelets made of smooth metal as a precious background for accent jewelry in the portrait area.
We recommend choosing both absolutely identical products and bracelets with minor differences (usually they are from the same collection), complementing them with emphatically laconic outfits (especially in black or in natural colors).

Trick #3

In case you want to add expressive color or spectacular texture. An impressive bracelet with a marine, animal or floral motif will greatly refresh your basic wardrobe (cotton shirts/T-shirts/long sleeves) and add personality to your office dress code.

It can be worn solo or in combination with other XXL jewelry (rings/necklace), adapting it both to complex evening looks and to the most casual sets.