Men's accessories: 5 common mistakes

Jewelery and bijouterie

Men have a complicated relationship with accessories. Some are sure that this is a woman’s prerogative, while others boldly wear chains, rings and bracelets, but in such a way that it would be better without them. Here are the 5 most common mistakes, avoiding which you can make accessories the strong point of your look!

Too many accessories

You need to know moderation in everything, especially when it comes to accessories. When there are a lot of them, it immediately confuses: watches, bracelets, rings, several chains - layering, of course, is in trend, but sometimes it looks completely tasteless. However, you don’t have to give up jewelry entirely! Experiment with different clothing styles, select appropriate accessories, learn to wear them and feel confident while doing so. And remember that jewelry should complement your look and not overshadow you and your clothes.

"Noisy" accessories

Along with too much jewelry, jingling jewelry also looks awkward. Bracelets, chains, pendants that make a characteristic sound with every movement are bad manners, and they simply attract attention and even irritate.

Accessories are out of place

You've probably met guys who don't part with thick chains and “signets” both at work and on vacation. Modern jewelry etiquette says that in accessories, in addition to their quantity, appropriateness is very important. If you're heading to a work meeting or interview at a company with a strict dress code, choose modest accessories: minimalist cufflinks, a thin tie clip and a black belt to match your shoes.

But at a party or special event, you can allow yourself a little more freedom: a stylish bracelet made of leather or steel, a bright belt with an original buckle, designer cufflinks - all this will look quite organic and appropriate.

Combination of incongruous

Nowadays it’s fashionable to mix styles, materials and textures, but you need to do it wisely! Beaded baubles, sports watches and a gold chain are not the best example. But combining metals of different colors, for example, white and yellow gold or regular and black silver, is now quite appropriate. In this case, it is desirable that one of the accessories includes both of these shades, for example, yellow and white - and “links” all the jewelry together. The same applies to the design of jewelry: they should be in the same style.

Wrong size

Choosing jewelry by size is also an art! Men's chains that cut into the neck, or rings that seem to be fused with the finger, always catch the eye. However, like oversized jewelry that dangles and risks slipping off your hand or neck.

Do not forget that the choice of accessories depends not only on the style, but also on the person’s complexion. Jewelry should be selected according to size and shape. Large men with wide necks should choose longer chains than thin men. It's the same with bracelets, watches and rings. The larger the hands, the wider and more voluminous the accessories can be.