New trend: “black” jewelry

Jewelery and bijouterie

Plus one item for your basic jewelry wardrobe. It will be useful for fans of the most universal solutions and for those who are not ready to spend too much time coordinating an image, accessories and jewelry.

We value “black” jewelry for its ease of use, original sound and accessibility: unusual items can be found not only among works of High Jewelry, but also in the assortment of costume jewelry.


You can't count them. But we suggest starting with the most obvious - laconic jewelry on a black cord/bracelet made of leather, velvet or satin, as well as jewelry inlaid with semi-precious or black precious stones (primarily onyx, agate, obsidian and black diamonds). Also, do not forget about ebonite jewelry and precious pieces with inserts made of black ceramics or enamel. Here we will add black crystals of different shapes and sizes, as well as coated metals.


Black jewelry is equally beautiful as a base for layered mixes or as a single jewelry accent: it instantly makes an impression, adding depth and drama to an image without clashing with other jewelry. In addition, if you want to try stylistic techniques that are atypical for you (for example, wearing many large items at once) or get an eccentric design, it makes sense to look in the direction of “dark” pieces.

From what to wear?

This is an ideal solution for both everyday style and special events. If we are talking about a pendant on a cord, then it will organically complement the look in the spirit of minimalism and can just as easily be adapted to a ball gown. The situation is similar with hoop earrings made of black crystals or, for example, a massive bracelet made of onyx or obsidian - we use them to decorate both relaxed oversized suits in a men’s style and elegant outfits in the old money aesthetic.