New trend: personalized jewelry

Jewelery and bijouterie

If we consider jewelry as a tool for self-expression and communication, then there are hardly any items more eloquent than precious numbers and letters. They serve as an expression of personal information and often embody memories or particularly important events. And through such products we convey messages to ourselves or our surroundings, deftly juggling hidden meanings, secret codes and meanings.

Watching the cautious return of personalized jewelry, we tell you how to choose them and what to wear them with.

What to choose?

The most versatile option is pendants with letters, numbers or words. They can be made of smooth metal or inlaid with precious stones, crystals and even pearls. No less popular are personalized signets of all shapes and sizes, as well as neat bracelets/bills.
Earrings will also not be superfluous - miniature studs or, conversely, especially large specimens that attract attention with their volume or color design.

What to combine?

The only recommendation is to build on the chosen style. If your jewelry is of a naive aesthetic, look towards relaxed silhouettes, sport chic or basic denim. Classic miniature products adapt to any style and preferences (plus they fit into the strictest dress code). Statement pieces with a bold design are best worn with laconic outfits, devoid of an abundance of decor and small details.

Regarding combinations with other decorations, we follow the standard scheme. The safest mix is ​​with basic items (smooth rings, thin chains, weightless necklaces). But if you like jewelry maximalism, then you can experiment with several accent jewelry at once, united by a consonant motif or color design.

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Source of inspiration

For clear examples of successful stylizations, you can turn to the images of Princess Diana (they are still relevant and, it seems, will never go out of fashion) or to the outfits of Hailey Bieber, who recently almost never parted with a “plump” pendant in the shape of the letter “B” "