Rose Quartz Bracelet

Jewelery and bijouterie

Jewelry made from natural stones was worn in ancient times, but even now these products are very popular. One of the representatives of such accessories is a rose quartz bracelet.

About mineral

Rose quartz is a rather brittle mineral that is silicon oxide. It has a pale pink or reddish color. This color is given to it by manganese or titanium trapped in the layers of the stone. Often, such blotches form interesting stains on the surface of the gem, which look very attractive when processed. The stone has a glassy luster. In addition to the usual mineral, there is also the so-called sugar rose quartz. It has a porous structure and resembles a sugar lump when processed.

Rose quartz is distributed throughout the world. Its deposits are found in Russia, India, China, Brazil, France and other countries.

Jewelry options

There is a large assortment of rose quartz jewelry on the market, and bracelets are no exception. You can choose a decoration in different styles and design solutions.

The simplest representative of these products is a string of beads made from this mineral. They can be found both in jewelry stores and jewelry salons, and in markets where handmade craftsmen sell.

Very often, rose quartz is set in silver, although gold products are also found with this mineral.

The wrist jewelry looks great, combining pale pink quartz with pearls. This is an exquisite and very romantic accessory.

Delicate flowers in a silver bracelet will be an excellent accessory for both jeans and summer dress.

For stacked bracelets, you can also find rose quartz charms. They are available in the collections of such famous brands as Pandora and Sunlight.

In general, this mineral is very easy to process, so quite unusual and stylish rose quartz bracelets can be found on the wizard market. In the same place you will find bracelets both with the processed mineral, and without special processing and faceting, i.e. natural form.

Healing properties of rose quartz

Rose quartz, like any other mineral, has a number of beneficial properties that have a positive impact on human health.

  • Rose quartz bracelet helps to cope with stress, get out of depression, improve sleep.
  • Also, this accessory will help reduce irritability, improve psychological state.
  • In addition, the products for decorating the wrist of this mineral will help to improve the functioning of the lymphatic system, will promote bone splicing, reduce pain in the joint.
  • Also, a pink quartz bracelet has a beneficial effect on hormones and contributes to the conception of a child, and after birth helps to avoid postpartum depression.

But you should not carry products from this mineral to those people who have tumors and neoplasms, it can contribute to their growth.

Magical properties

In addition to the healing properties, it is often necessary to impose magical features on a pink quartz bracelet.

  • It is recommended to wear on the hand of girls to attract love. It is believed that this gem enhances the attractiveness of women for the stronger sex.
  • This mineral in the bracelet is able to improve the emotional environment, reduce conflicts, improve understanding in the family. He is able to clear from anger and bring balance to your life.
  • For creative people, a pink gem bracelet will help them achieve success and develop their talent to the fullest.
  • The negative that this stone helps to remove from your life, you need to properly remove from the product. To do this, simply hold the decoration under a stream of running warm water for a few minutes, then blot with a soft cloth.
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How to Wear Rose Quartz Jewelry

A quartz bracelet can be worn at any time and for any occasion. To do this, you just need to choose the appropriate decoration model. In a classic design, such a bracelet is suitable for a business woman, a thread with small beads will be appropriate on the hand of even a little girl, bulky raw stones in a silver frame will decorate the wrist of an older woman.

You should wear jewelry with this stone after you have applied makeup, put on your hair, and used perfume. Otherwise, the chemicals that make up these funds can damage the stone and reduce its quality.

You should not take a shower with products with quartz, this way you can also damage the decoration.

  • If you do not use the bracelet to normalize your sleep, it is also recommended to remove this product at night to avoid damaging the frame or breaking the thread.
  • A bracelet with rose quartz must be stored separately from jewelry, otherwise the stone may darken under the influence of foreign metals and its frame may oxidize.
  • This accessory should be cleaned using a soft cloth and a product that is sold in almost every jewelry store.

Buying a bracelet with quartz, you get not only jewelry that will bring romantic notes to your look, but also teach you to love and forgive.