Trend: Surrealistic jewelry

Jewelery and bijouterie

Unusual shapes, "crumpled" like molten metal, and bizarre symbols inspired by the paintings of Salvador Dali - these are the jewelry leading jewelry houses suggest to wear this season.

Surrealism as a direction in art originated in the 1920s and captured all creative fields - from poetry and prose (remember Boris Vian and André Breton) to painting, where no less great names come to the fore - Joan Miró, Rene Magritte and, of course , Salvador Dali. It would be a mistake to say that surrealism has returned to fashion again, because this style has never gone out of fashion in the century of its existence. Dali's insane genius (not without the help of the muse Gala) managed to create such a powerful myth around himself and his work that the public's interest in them still continues.

On the contrary, this season the leading brands Valentino, Schiaparelli (of course, the collaboration between Dali and Elsa Schiaparelli was almost the first collaboration between an artist and a designer in the history of fashion), Burberry, Carolina Herrera and others decided to remind us of surrealism in jewelry. Hourglass earrings, telephones, fragments of paintings, necklaces in the shape of hands are just a few examples of general surreal madness. True, the trend drives you crazy exclusively with its beauty!

Essentially, surrealism is the borderline where reality meets fantasy. This is irrationality and freedom of expression. One such decoration is able to visually "stretch" the whole image. Especially such a stylistic solution will appeal to lovers of black color and laconic cut.

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Body parts

"Double Secret", Rene Magritte

Fragments of human bodies and parts of faces in Rene Magritte's paintings seem to live on their own in isolation from the personality. They are like separate works of art, forever frozen and beautiful. Accessories can be like that too! Wear jewelry in the shape of torsos, lips, eyes and even whole faces solo or as a set, combined with sleek chunky knit sweaters or minimalistic tunics. Don't be afraid to choose an overly laconic black dress for your cocktail party. Such jewelry plus bright lipstick will make the image artistic and sophisticated.

Everything flows down and spreads

The Persistence of Memory, Salvador Dali

Remember one of the most famous paintings by Salvador Dali "The Persistence of Memory", where the transience of life was expressed in an unambiguous metaphor in the form of "melted" wall clocks? Since then, the technique of "spreading" form has been one of the main symbols of surrealism. Earrings, rings and necklaces made of "flowing" metal, decorated with a blot or dripping drop, look incredibly impressive.

The good news is that such jewelry is absolutely universal, so you can wear them even with an oversized jacket, even with denim or casual sets. In addition, these models go well with each other, so feel free to wear all the best at once.

Unusual geometry

"Reincarnation", Yves Tanguy

Surrealists have always worked with complex shapes, trying to go beyond classical Euclidean geometry. Therefore, pay attention to jewelry with original geometric shapes, refractive lines - the more intricate and strange they are, the better. Wear it as if nothing is happening - with familiar and basic items from your wardrobe. Ideally, you can choose a dress, blouse, or sweatshirt with a similar print to complete the look. But this is aerobatics!

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Fantastic Beasts

"A dream caused by the flight of a bee around a pomegranate, a second before awakening", Salvador Dali

This can only be seen in a dream! A ring in the form of a goldfish or with a proudly sitting panther, elephant earrings (the elephant is Dali's favorite animal, which is present in many of his works) - images of fantastic animals seem to have descended from surrealist canvases. Wearing all this splendor must be bold and daring - this is the best option for evening outings, a great pair for a fashionable silk or satin slip dress, as well as a stunning accent if you go to a party in a stylish black tuxedo or a men's cut jacket. Full sur, but looks gorgeous!

Red lipstick

Mae West's Face Used as a Surreal Room by Salvador Dali

Another famous symbol of surrealism is the female lips. And all thanks to the legendary installation by Salvador Dali "Mae West's face used as a surreal room", where the lips of the American actress were depicted as a red sofa. By the way, in those days it was this shade of lipstick that became incredibly popular. Therefore, if you want to add a fashionable touch of surrealism to outfit and at the same time make it more playful, choose accessories in the form of lips. A flirtatious "hello" from Dali for those who are "in the know."