TOP 10 spring decorations

Jewelery and bijouterie

We are pleased to share jewelry evidence of the onset of spring. We have collected jewelry whose color, shape or motifs are inextricably associated with the energy of awakening and the sound of natural beauty.

A pair of asymmetrical earrings was inspired by the colorful images of flowers from Disney's Alice in Wonderland. Embodying aesthetic appeal and magical associations, the decoration will definitely appeal not only to fans of fairy tales, but also to fans of bold color combinations.

A weightless jewelry composition that comes to life at the slightest movement or the gentle breath of the spring wind. This original white gold ring with diamonds and chain pendants combines carefree charm, lightness and exceptional precision.

An amazing combination of free creative imagination and thoughtful design down to the smallest detail. The gold cuff, decorated with pear-shaped peridot and turquoise enamel, instantly attracts attention, greatly refreshing and inspiring an extremely positive mood.

The exquisite contours of the white gold bracelet provide the basis for a harmonious symphony of shape, volume and floral motif. As a symbol of good luck, the jewelry charges with strength, confidence and the necessary courage, and also serves as an excellent base for complex jewelry combinations.

An effective addition to everyday style. An eloquent necklace from the Millenia collection on a massive chain of armored weaving conveys a new look at the familiar. We especially appreciate the unusual embodiment of classic design for the hypnotic color of the crystal and recognizable aesthetics.

A perfectly calibrated composition of gold sautoir with onyx demonstrates the beauty of nature and the desire for perfection. Celebrating the splendor of flowers and possessing extraordinary grace, the decoration is memorable with a special elegant sound, relevant for images of any complexity.

Expressing the inexhaustible potential of analogues of natural materials grown in an artificial environment, earrings made of white gold, decorated with large artificial emeralds and sparkling diamonds, amaze with exceptional craftsmanship and a responsible attitude to the design of every detail.

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An unusually laconic embodiment of the floral motif, with an emphasis on the amazing serenity of the sapphire, is distinguished by a high level of versatility and timeless relevance. A mesmerizing ring will never go out of style, which means it can be safely considered as a long-term investment.

This silver cuff earring, coated with pink enamel, serves as a jewelery expression of delicacy within a contemporary aesthetic. Reminiscent of spring blooms, the piece features a harmonious harmony of bold shapes and stunning colors, easily serving as a tool for self-expression.

Filled with bright solar energy and unique beauty, the sophisticated combination gold ring captivates with the depth of brilliance of yellow sapphire. Particularly beautiful as a single accent piece, highlighting the graceful shape and hypnotic allure of the gemstone.