Trend for jewelry maximalism

Jewelery and bijouterie

We talk about the main jewelry direction and suggest how to follow it.

Put on your best and at once! At least it fits the holiday spirit. At the most, it can be used as a unique, but very eloquent form of communication.

Focusing on personal preferences, you can choose both products from the same collection, united by a common aesthetics and motif, and the most contrasting items.

Remember that New Year's Eve does not imply restrictions, which means massive rings in several rows, a trio of impressive bracelets or a chaotic interweaving of several pendants is always a great idea!

Unusual forms

We suggest looking towards extraordinary silhouettes or unusual interpretations of well-known motifs. In addition to statement jewelry of all categories and sizes, these can be works of modern jewelry that play with an unusual idea or demonstrate exceptional craftsmanship.

We also suggest paying attention to watches - especially good options are those decorated with a dizzying number of stones or crystals. We have repeatedly noticed them on the red carpet as the only precious accent and they are the ones who collected the most compliments.

Multicolored stones

Surprisingly, this is perhaps the most universal solution that can be easily adapted to any style, task or preference. Of course, our sympathies lie with impressive necklaces, rings and pendants. Large brooches, tiaras and cuff bracelets are more than appropriate. In terms of aesthetics - no restrictions! You can follow the vintage style by opting for archival jewelry, or plunge into the updated universe of Swarovski crystals.

Try one piece of jewelry, but in different color variations, or boldly decide on a scattering of multi-colored stones in absolutely any embodiment: from the most laconic like ring-paths to the most eccentric like chokers.

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